Brand Story

Employees of Panasonic globally are enthusiastically taking on a host of social issues to bring our philosophy of “A Better Life, A Better World" to fruition. Read on to be inspired by stories of their passion and ingenuity.

Make-up Sheet: An Innovative Contribution to the World of Beauty

Get an inside look into the development of Panasonic's Personalised Makeup Sheet. A game-changing innovation that simplifies the application of makeup and cosmetics.

Sustainable Seafood Project Places the Environment Front and Center

Learn how Panasonic's corporate cafeterias are helping to preserve marine resources for future generations with innovative new menu items.

Cultivate Fruits and Vegetables Even in Harsh Environments with Panasonic’s IT Greenhouse

Read about Panasonic's ongoing efforts to ensure a steady supply of produce year-round, regardless of the prevailing climate.

IoT Solution Seekit Protects Who and What You Love

Panasonic's India Innovation Centre has developed a location information service to help ensure the safety of the people and things we value most.

Innovative Recycling Initiatives Transform Product Manufacturing

Learn how Panasonic is advancing technology in product manufacturing with its "recycling-oriented manufacturing" initiative.   

Panasonic’s “nanoe™” Technology Keeps Clothes Smelling Fresh

See how Panasonic's engineers in China are leveraging the deodorising power of nanoe™ technology to deal with stubborn odours in clothing.

Updating how we live today, to build a better tomorrow.

Panasonic’s diverse collection of advanced technologies & solutions can be found throughout your home, business, city and around the world. Check out our showcase video, demonstrating our latest innovations in the never-ending pursuit of “A Better Life, A Better World.”

Not only is hydrogen energy clean, it can also provide a stable supply of energy in case of emergencies. That is why there are high expectations for hydrogen energy as the next energy generation system. Panasonic, which has already brought to market a household fuel cell cogeneration system, is currently developing a hydrogen fuel cell that can create energy directly from pure hydrogen. Panasonic is also conducting research and development on technologies that create hydrogen from water and for storing hydrogen.

See how our hydrogen fuel cells are bringing us one step closer to towards realising a carbon-free Hydrogen Energy Society.