Grey Import Products from outside Australia

Currently a number of retailers, particularly in online market places, are importing genuine Panasonic goods from outside Australia for sale to Australian consumers. Often these products are intended for Asian or US markets that may require different standards and legal compliance.


If you buy a product from one of these retailers we'd like you to be aware that there are risks associated with buying what is termed a "Grey Import”. A grey import is generally described as a non-counterfeit product sourced from outside Australia. They are also known as “parallel imports”.




Australian consumers may find that grey market products do not meet their expectations because the products were not set up and tailored for that local market. For example:


• They may not meet Australian safety requirements;


• The box may not contain a Australian power cord, or may contain a Australian power cord or adaptor that was not provided by Panasonic and has not been quality checked by Panasonic;


• The product may comprise a bundle of different products such as camera and lenses which were intended for different countries such as Hong Kong and USA and which were not technically meant to be put together.


• Some of these sellers ask for a stocking fee if you want to return within the cooling off period, even if such fees are illegal which may mean it is more difficult to return an item;


• You could potentially be liable for customs duty and import VAT on your purchase either directly (if you are the importer of record) or, more likely, indirectly (where the retailers seeks to pass on those costs as part of the price charged to you). It is possible that these sellers are failing to properly declare and pay such taxes; and


• As grey-market products are not intended by Panasonic for the Australian market, such products may not be covered by the Manufacturer’s Warranty and you would need to seek a remedy from the seller. Where grey market products are sold by overseas organisations it may be difficult to practically or legally enforce your rights under Australian Consumer Law.


• You may not be able to get assistance such as technical support or repair services in Australia. For example, the software of your product may not be suited for the Australian market and you would need to contact the seller.


• Grey market products are also ineligible to benefit from Australian promotions.


If in doubt about whether any Panasonic product is intended for the Australian market, check with the reseller or supplier or go to our Dealer Locator at