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Panasonic Air Conditioning & Ventilation Information Hub

Learn More About Panasonic Air Conditioning & Ventilation

Panasonic Air Conditioning & Ventilation Information Hub

Browse the information hub below for handy buyer guides, information about features, accessories and tips to ensure that you’re in the know about the latest in Panasonic Air Conditioning.

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How to Choose the Right Air Conditioner for You

Learn about air conditioner types, insulation, room size and aspect, features and more, to help you choose the right air conditioner for your home.

Not sure what size air conditioner you need?

Try our air conditioning app for iPhone and Android. Simply enter basic details about your room and the app will tell you what air conditioner is best for your needs. It also includes videos.

Energy Efficient Air Conditioners - 3 Things You Need to Know

The energy efficiency of an AC unit is one of the most frequently overlooked considerations when purchasing. Read on to find out what you need to look for.

What Is An Inverter Air Conditioner And Why Choose One

Inverter technology is the go-to choice because of its superior energy efficiency, consistent cooling and heating and reduced noise.

Features Customers Love

Panasonic nanoe™X – A Breath of Fresh Air

Take a breath of fresh air with Panasonic’s nanoeX Air Purification Technology. Not only does it inhibit certain viruses and bacteria but it also improves your indoor air quality for maximum comfort at home.

Chill Out with Aerowings for Superior Comfort & Airflow

Our newly-designed Aerowings blades control the airflow to provide natural ‘Shower Cooling’ or concentrated ‘Fast Cooling’ to keep you comfortable. 

Air Conditioning WLAN Smart Adaptor & Comfort Cloud App

The power is in your hands: Panasonic’s WLAN Smart Adaptor & Comfort Cloud App let you remotely control & monitor your air conditioning & its energy use. Anytime. Anywhere.

ECONAVI Intelligent Eco Sensors | Energy Saving Technology

With rising electricity prices hitting Australians in the hip pocket, Panasonic prides itself on providing smart eco features to support energy efficiency.

Maintenance & Reliability

The Essential Guide to Air Conditioner Maintenance

Minimise dust, dirt and pollens in your home, and lessen your energy bill by regularly maintaining your air conditioner. Read on for simple AC cleaning tips.

Reliability Facts of Quality | Panasonic Air Conditioning

Reliable comfort comes from reliable technologies.  Panasonic simulates impacts, vibrations and external conditions to ensure reliable operation for many years.

How much does it cost?

Looking to buy an air conditioner and searching for the right price and system to suit your needs? Request a no obligation Panasonic Air Conditioning quote, click here.