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Smart Air Conditioners


Smart Control Solutions

Smart Control Solutions

From individual to group control, all at your fingertips. Now with intuitive voice control and Wi-Fi control*.


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“Panasonic is the only air conditioning brand to have topped Canstar’s ratings three times: 2014, 2016 & 2017! Once again we scored 5 Stars from Australian consumers, who are looking for energy efficient air conditioners.”

Canstar Blue, Most Satisfied Customers July 2017 - August 2016 - July 2014

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    for Smart Air Conditioners

    Smart Control
    PDF - 836 (KB)

    CZ-RTC5B Operating Instructions
    PDF - 14028.8 (KB)

    CZ-TACG1 WLAN Adaptor Operating Instructions
    PDF - 610 (KB)

    CZ-RTC5B Quick Reference Guide
    PDF - 2416.64 (KB)

    CZ-TACG1 WLAN Adaptor Quick Set-up Guide
    PDF - 167 (KB)

    SER8150R x B1194 Operating Instructions
    PDF - 6318.08 (KB)

    CZ-CAPWFC1 WLAN Adaptor User and Installation Manual
    PDF - 1751.04 (KB)