Exceptional precision, shaping and safety with the latest I-Shape trimmers

• Ergonomic I-shape design inspired by the straight barber razor
• Effortlessly precise yet gentle on skin
• Ultrathin Japanese blade technology for ultimate trimming experience

February 18th, 2019 – Panasonic has today announced the launch of four new trimmers for male grooming. The Panasonic ER-GD51 and ER-GD61 beard trimmers, the ER-GK80 waterproof body trimmer, and the ER-GY60 waterproof beard and body trimmer that enables face to toe body grooming in a powerful single device. These latest additions to Panasonic’s I-Shape trimmers impress with their simple and clean design yet cram in Japanese blade technology and ultimate grooming precision.

Innovative shape for easy and precise grooming

The I-shape design easily fits into your hand and enables excellent, detailed grooming for exceptional shaping and definition even in the hardest-to-reach of places. Inspired by a straight barber blade, this allows the GD series and GY60 to offer outstanding contouring, shaping and trimming of facial hair; perfect for design-oriented beard styles. The stick shape is easy to move and direct with the fingertips and multi-directional trimming achieves results quickly and efficiently. The special design allows you to see the exact area you wish to trim so you can be sure to achieve your desired results every time.

Fast and effortless accuracy

The ER-GD51/GD61 beard trimmers and ER-GY60 include a unique, ultra-thin blade, which enables incredibly short length trimming of approximately 0.1mm*1 without the need for shaving foam. They also feature 20 precision trimmer settings between 0.5mm and 10mm at intervals of 0.5mm to allow you to uniformly trim your beard and create edges and lines of absolute accuracy with just one blade for more stylish beard designs.

The new comb attachment with length adjustment dial of the ER-GY60 and ER-GK80 lets you uniformly trim body hair on areas such as your chest and legs with ten precision steps from 3mm – 12mm in intervals of 1mm. They also include a wider comb that lets you cut even flat-lying hairs.

Gentle on skin

All four trimmers are equipped with Panasonic’s Skin Protection Blade technology for extreme comfort when removing beard and body hair. The rounded edges and narrow gaps cause little stimulation on skin and make it hard for skin to enter.

In contrast to conventional blades, the edges of the fixed blade of both the GD51 and GD61 are wide and rounded so there's little stimulation on the skin. The gaps on the fixed blade are also narrow, making it hard for skin to enter. This results in both the GD51 and GD61 being gentle on even the most sensitive of skin, making the trimming experience safe and hygienic.

*1 Fixed blade thickness is 0.1mm.

Speed and power – and just one hour’s charge

The ER-GK80 features a new powerful motor for smoother trimming of even the hardest body hair. This motor-driven blade causes the head to vibrate finely so no force is required – providing a soft, gentle experience with no burden on the skin by applying the lightest of pressure while sliding over the skin. For the ultimate in speed, it is also able to cut 5,300 body hairs per second.

The GD series, GK80 and ER-GY60 all offer an incredible one hour of charge for 50 minutes of usage, which is enough to see you through most holidays and weekends away. When the battery power runs low, an LED light shines red to let you know. The GD51/GD61 can also be charged on the mains.