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Lumix GH5 – huge success of the pre-sale campaign!

Warsaw, 30 March 2017  The Japanese company, having its customers in mind, began taking advance orders for its new camera on 10 February 2017. The undertaking proved very popular among photography and filming enthusiasts from the word go. The pre-sale campaign ended on 20 March with a gigantic success, which confirms how desired and much awaited Lumix GH5 is.

The first cameras are already being delivered to the end users. The pre-sale promotion was based on a benefit for the future owners of Lumix GH5 in the form of a 5-year warranty and the DMW-SFU1 software update key allowing video recording in the V-LogL mode. The software update key also activates the LUT (Look Up Table) in the camera, which makes it possible to play the films recorded on the device in the V-LogL mode.

“Already at the planning stage of the marketing and sale campaigns for the new camera we knew that Lumix GH5 was destined to become a success. Its predecessor, Lumix GH4, is considered by many experts to be the best piece of equipment they have ever worked with. This makes us even more excited to release a model which is bound to revolutionise customers’ approach to film creation and enable them to obtain perfect pictures,” Klara Ufnalewska, Public Relations Manager in the Central and Eastern Europe Region could not conceal her enthusiasm.

“A better life, a better World” — this idea accompanies Panasonic’s engineers at every step of the way. Numerous innovative devices created by this Japanese concern are the best proof of this. The masterpiece in the form of cameras from the GH series only serves to confirm this trend, which many want to follow.


За Panasonic

Panasonic Corporation е световен лидер в разработването и предлагането на разнообразни електронни технологии и решения за потребителска електроника, жилищни, автомобилни и индустриални приложения, и промишлени устройства. От основаването си през 1918 г., компанията се разраства в глобален мащаб и сега управлява 474 дъщерни дружества и 94 асоциирани предприятия в цял свят, отчитайки консолидирани нетни приходи от продажби в размер на 56.794 милиарда Евро (7.553 трилиона йени) за финансовата година, приключила на 31 март 2016 г. С решимост за нови постижения чрез иновации във всички направления, компанията използва технологиите си, за да създаде по-добър живот и по-добър свят за своите клиенти. За да научите повече за Panasonic, посетете:

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