Give Your Oven a Break This Summer

Give Your Oven A Break

Give Your Oven A Break This Summer

When summer finally arrives, it’s nice to take a break from your usual kitchen routine. Busy weeknight meals are replaced by more leisurely summer dining.   Meals are lightened up and the outdoor grill is favoured over the oven when it comes to meal prep.

But it’s time to think outside the grill. There are lots of options in your kitchen that let you cook up delicious meals without heating up the house with your oven. From juicers to bread makers to microwaves, your small appliances can play a big role when it comes to summer cooking. 

Give Your Oven A Break

Using your small appliances can mean quicker cook times, and you won’t break a sweat leaning over your hot stove in the heat of the summer. So play it cool and step away from your stove with these easy recipes:

• Lunch will be light and tasty with this delicious 3-ingredient summer salad that can be made in the microwave. It can also double as the perfect side dish or picnic feature.

• If you are looking for a quick and healthy dinner, use the steam feature on your microwave to cook up light and flakey fish with a tropical twist thanks to this recipe for salmon with chili mango salsa

Give Your Oven A Break

And don’t despair, even if you don’t want to turn on the oven to bake your favourite desserts, here are some delicious options to satisfy your sweet tooth all summer long.

• Can’t get through the summer without cake? Your countertop steam convection microwave is all you need to serve up a cake that will have your neighbours popping by for leftovers. While strawberries are in season, why not try this moist strawberry sponge cake layered with fresh whipped cream.   

• Don’t forget about your bread maker this summer. If your sweet tooth tends to be for something a bit more tart, it’s all you need to make this lemon cake with a sweet and crunchy icing that will be sure to satisfy.

So with your small appliances on hand, prepare to give your large oven a much-needed rest this summer while you enjoy the warm weather with these delicious eats that will keep you satisfied all season long.

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