Ash Syed

Ash Syed

Vice-president Finance & Treasury

About Ash

Ash Syed brings over 12 years of financial management and leadership experience to Panasonic Canada Inc. As VP Finance & Admin, he leads big and small teams across finance, IT, Admin & logistics divisions.

Ash is known for delivering outstanding leadership to Panasonic Canada’s business divisions – Consumer Products Division (CPD), Enterprise Solutions Division (ESD), Life & Device Solutions Division (LDS), and Integrated Services Division (ISD). As a strong leader, he has successfully assisted divisional leaders in driving efficiency, set up of new business lines, lead strategy development and assisted in the startup of new business concepts. He is also continually finding ways to create cohesive, effective and motivated teams that have the tools and abilities to withstand and succeed in times of instability or change.  

He previously served PCI in progressive roles starting as a Director of Business Accounting and GM, Finance as well as Director of Finance at Panasonic Eco Solutions Canada (PESCA) back in 2018 when he joined the Panasonic family, where he had the opportunity to successfully drive change in the organization by providing financial oversight and team stabilization, creating visibility and structure within the company.

Prior to joining Panasonic, Ash worked as a Finance lead at a global construction company and a Finance Manager at a global manufacturing company where he was responsible for optimizing teams, including streamlining activities and deliverables. He was also on a special task force that executed a companywide new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

He holds a bachelor’s degree with honours in science (Economics) from McMaster University and a master’s degree in business administration M.B.A. (Accounting & Finance) from Brock University. He is also a certified management accountant C.M.A, C.P.A.

Outside of the office, Ash enjoys biking and tree planting – he started a tree nursery to grow maple trees. Additionally, he assists a non-profit organization as part of a governance committee that oversees the financial processes, budgets and fundraising activities.

Quote: “As a VP of Finance & Admin, my goal is to optimize and propel change that will impact Panasonic Canada and the Finance, IT, Logistics & Admin teams on a macro level. Panasonic has always provided me with great opportunities and has given me the support to innovate in order to achieve efficiency, visibility and progress within each business I have been involved in.”

One word that best describes Ash: Innovative