Mike English

Mike English

General Manager, Customer Service North America

About Mike

Mike English brings 30 years of product assurance, customer service and technology operations experience to his role as General Manager, Customer Service North America at Panasonic Canada Inc.

Mike joined Panasonic in 2004, drawn to the company’s diversity, adaptability and commitment to quality. Mike’s willingness to take on new challenges while maintaining an unwavering dedication to the customer, combined with his dynamic background, has enabled him to tackle problems through collaboration with diverse teams. Mike is known to empower those he manages to take risks in order to make smart decisions and find solutions that remove barriers.

Mike is passionate about ensuring his team approaches situations from the perspective of the customer, find solutions and determine the right channel of support to meet the distinct needs of each and every Panasonic consumer.

Prior to joining Panasonic, Mike held various positions in IT, engineering and account management for a multinational telecommunications company.

When he’s not finding innovative solutions to challenging situations, Mike enjoys playing sports, being outdoors, finding new restaurants with his wife and fundraising for the Princess Margaret Walk to Conquer Cancer.

Quote: “I enjoy a challenge and seeing it from different vantage points to find a solution. In my role at Panasonic, I like to solve problems by sourcing and tapping into the diverse thinking of those on my team to work together and create solutions. It’s exciting and rewarding to think about how to approach each unique situation and how to find the resolution that aligns with the customer’s perspective.”

One word that best describes Mike: solution-oriented