PLAT Installs Solar Panels at Warehouse in Colon Free Zone in Panama

On January 23, 2014, Panasonic Sales Latin America (PLAT) celebrated the start-up of the solar power generation system installed at a distributor's warehouse and promoted Panasonic's solar power prime contractor business.

Cutting the tape for the solar power generation system

Recently, a 250 KW solar power generation system with 1,002 solar panels, which is the largest-scale commercial-sector solar power generation system in Panama, was installed at a warehouse of J. CAIN & Co. affiliated with Motta International S.A. The company is a major corporate group in Panama and has affiliated companies in logistics, finance, transportation, and energy. J. CAIN & Co. distributes PLAT's products in the Colon Free Zone.

* In the Colon Free Zone in Panama, currently around 3,000 businesses are operating and the number of cargo containers handled annually is approximately 164,000. With the completion of a project to expand the Panama Canal in 2015, the Colon Free Zone is expected to further develop into the future.

Many customers and media reporters participating

With the attendance of PLAT President Hiroki Kaji, the start-up of the solar power generation system was celebrated on the warehouse premises. Fifty-three people from 16 businesses, including consumer goods distributors, sales outlets, corporate enterprises, and hotel groups in Panama and a major project customers in El Salvador, and reporters from seven media outlets were invited to participate in the event.

In his opening address, CEO Luis Carlos Motta of J. CAIN announced that the solar power generation system had been introduced according to the in-house policy of becoming a green company and as the second phase there is a plan to install another 250 KW system during this year. In order to reduce power consumption, J. CAIN also introduced Panasonic's industrial inverter air conditioning system (variable refrigerant flow, VRF) two years ago.

PLAT explained about its activities as a solar EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) company and sales achievements. As well as exhibiting products, actual power generation capacity was presented by using a monitor screen.

Looking at the system installed on the roof from a crane

With the growing demand for renewable energy and due to high electricity prices, commercial-based inquiries about solar power generation systems have been rapidly increasing in Central America. In this context, PLAT has been promoting its systems to B2B customers with offices and commercial facilities in Panama, including J. CAIN. Further, PLAT has been steadily winning orders and delivering systems, primarily in El Salvador, Guatemala, Panama, and Costa Rica.

As a locally-based EPC company, PLAT is aiming to further expand its business by making the brand integrity of Panasonic a major factor that distinguishes the company from its competitors. In addition, through offering total solutions combining an industrial air conditioning system, lighting system, and security system, PLAT will promote generation of synergies among businesses in the B2B field.

Another 250 KW system is scheduled to be installed in the empty space.

About Panasonic:

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