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Guestment – the versatile platform

Panasonic Hotel TV Guestment

Guestment – the versatile platform

Panasonic Hospitality Hub for your multimedia guest service

Guestment, the Panasonic Hospitality Hub, is an easy-to-use software solution for creating a hotel portal. You can use this product from Panasonic to give your hotel TV an individual look and provide your guests with all kinds of entertainment and information options. It is both interactive and inspiring with intuitive operation.

All kinds of entertainment and information options

Make the stay even more pleasant for your guests. From the welcome message and hotel information to the TV functions and apps, your own content can be fed into the system in a matter of moments – whether it’s the menu, the spa facilities or evening programme. Each time the TV is switched on or whenever a predefined button on the remote control is pressed, the portal starts up with its wide range of options:

  • Time/date display
  • Weather
  • Alarm / sleep timer
  • Multilingual – easy switching between languages
  • Channel lists, incl. channel logos
  • Live TV
  • Electronic programme magazine
  • Hotel information (e.g. menus, spa facilities, excursions, etc.)
  • Access to preinstalled apps on the TV
  • Various design templates already included
Panasonic Hotel TV Guestment practical services

Practical services

The wake-up call from reception is a thing of the past – Guestment takes care of it. Simply set it in the same way that the sleep timer is set, turning the television into a digital assistant.

Always know what’s on

Don’t just spoil your guests with the television programme. The Guestment portal has an integrated electronic programme guide. It features programme content with detailed information for each channel.

Panasonic Hotel TV Guestment programme guide
Panasonic Hotel TV Guestment information

Perfectly informed

Guestment is about so much more than just television. It has many different additional features for guests – in the form of regional weather reports, information about the city, news and much more besides.

A portal tailored to your hotel

The great thing about the Panasonic Hospitality Hub is its variability. With its range of features, your hotel is given an individual and unique look with a high degree of brand recognition. There are several design templates available, depending on preferences. For example, choose one of the various portal views that perfectly matches your look.

Dynamic view

The portal turns into an inspiring TV magazine. The intuitive design of the dynamic view with animations and scrollable tiles invite guests to discover your hotel services.

Panasonic Hotel TV Guestment dynamic view
Panasonic Hotel TV Guestment static view

Static view

A level of clarity that radiates calmness and elegance. With a simple look, this clean view features no scrolling or animations for even more straightforward navigation.

List view

The classic and neatly arranged view in list form shifts the navigation into the background and focuses mainly on the relevant subject matter, providing plenty of room for your content.

Panasonic Hotel TV Guestment list view

Go to your own portal via a web application

Easy to get started or switch – convenient to use

The hardware requirements for using Guestment, the Panasonic Hospitality Hub, are very low, with no expensive server hardware. It is possible to use it with virtually any PC or notebook – whether in the reception area, in the staff room or in a different place. The portal is easy to install and operate. Above all else, however, it is easy to maintain and manage.

Panasonic Hotel TV Guestment portal via a web application

Easily adaptable to the design and needs of the hotel

The portal provides considerable scope for individualisation. The hotel logo can be incorporated, for example, or the background images, fonts and colours can be changed. Various channel lists can also be created – for international guests, for example. These can then be loaded from the reception to the TV in the room – including channel logos and a mixture of linear broadcasters and IP streams and much more besides.

Panasonic Hotel TV Guestment with hotel design
  • Use change design templates
  • Many different options available for your own hotel design
  • Create various channel lists
  • Set the menus that are displayed
  • Central control for on/off/volume
  • Multilingual user interface

Design the portal yourself or have it set up – simple, intuitive operation

You can easily design, update and change the portal or add content to it yourself. When developing the portal, Panasonic was focused on making it as user-friendly and possible. Needless to say, it is also possible to have the portal set up and managed by an external integrator.

Panasonic Hotel TV Guestment function menu

Clear function menu

A perfect overview to quickly access the individual adjustment options.

Panasonic Hotel TV Guestment portal set-up

Easy portal set-up

It is as easy to choose the portal look as it is to operate all of the other functions.

Panasonic Hotel TV Guestment page editor

Page editor

Easily add text and images or quickly update the spa opening times.

Panasonic Hotel TV Guestment design editor

Design editor

Adapt the portal to suit your hotel identity and colour scheme.

Switch on Panasonic for hotel TV and hospitality

The latest Panasonic TV sets and innovative solutions open up all kinds of possibilities to you – conveniently and inexpensively.

Whether at a conference centre, clinic, luxury hotel or small guesthouse – the TV range from Panasonic has a premium solution to suit every need. Thanks to close cooperation with numerous partners, you can benefit from tailored concepts from a single supplier. With Guestment, the Panasonic Hospitality Hub, you can also take advantage of an easy-to-use software solution from Panasonic to create a hotel portal. Panasonic also has a range of innovative and tailored solutions for many other smart applications in the hotel business, such as telephone systems, security technology, kitchen technology and conference technology. Simply talk to us!


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