Moisturised skin & straighter, sleeker hair.

nanoe™ X combines with natural sebum to coat the skin, leading to smooth, well-hydrated skin.1-2 Also, the abundant moisture found in nanoe™ X hydrates the hair, contributing to straighter, sleeker hair.3

Leads to smooth, well-hydrated skin.1-2

Without nanoe™ X

Moisture escapes

Moisture escapes, and skin dries out.

A: Sebum B: Skin​ moisture​

Corneum sloughs off
[28 days later]​

Skin texture deteriorates, and corneum sloughs off​.

nanoe™ X

Stops moisture evaporation​

​nanoe™ X combines with natural sebum to coat the skin.​

Corneum is ​maintained and ​smooth
[28 days later]​

Leads to smooth, well hydrated skin​.

Without nanoe™ X

Skin texture
Irregular, no firmness​

Skin state
Peeling skin is obvious

nanoe™ X

[14 days later]
Skin texture

​Clearly defined triangular lines

[28 days later]
Skin state

No peeling skin visible

Showed an improvement in skin moisture content equivalent to a 20 percentage point increase in humidity.1-2

A graph showing that nanoe™ X achieved an improvement in skin moisture equivalent to an increase of 20 percent in environmental humidity

Hair is straighter and smoother with nanoe™ X.3

An image showing that without nanoe™ X, the hair's moisture balance starts to fail, leading to frizzy hair. As hair has difficulty reflecting light, gloss is reduced and texture becomes grainy

Frizzy hair​

A: Area difficult to lengthen even with shampooing
B: Lengthened area due to hydration during shampooing

An image showing that with nanoe™ X, hair can achieve a good moisture balance, allowing for shinier hair that reflects light nicely and fingers to run through it smoothly

For non-frizzy hair

1Testing organisation: Panasonic Product Analysis Center. Testing method: Rest period–90 minutes; nanoe™ X exposure time–60 minutes. Retention–60 minutes. Test subjects: 8 women aged 30–49 with dry to normal skin. Test result: Change in skin moisture content equivalent to a 20-percent increase from 30% to 50% in environmental humidity. (USG-KT-14K-012-TM)
2Testing organisation: FCG Research Institute, Inc. Testing method: Of 20 women 40 ± 2 years old, 10 women used a nanoe™ device at home for 28 days, while the other 10 women used a device with no nanoe™ device for 28 days at home. (19104)
3Testing organisation: Panasonic Product Analysis Center. Testing method: Approximately 46 m3-sized test chamber, room temperature 25 °C, humidity 40%. 6 bundles of hair were suspended 2 m from a nanoe™ device, with repeated operation of the nanoe™ device: 8 hours on and 16 hours off. (USD-KS-15S-009-TM) Method: nanoe™ X released. Target substance: Hair.

Individual results may vary based on usage, and seasonal and environmental variables (temperature and humidity).