We offer a wide range of household and commercial products including air conditioners, fans, ventilation fans, air-quality appliances, water solutions, and IoT cloud solutions. Leveraging our proprietary environmental technologies, our various air and water-related products and businesses are operated on a global scale.

Air Conditioner

Single-Split Wall Mounted Air Conditioner

Mulit-Split Air Conditioner

Single-Split Packaged Air conditioner

VRF/Mini VRF System

Gas Heat Pump System

Absorption Chiller System

Air Handling Unit

Fan / Ventilation

Ceiling Fan/Electric Fan

Fan/Ventilating Fan

Air Moving Equipment

Air Curtain

Hand Dryer

Air Purifier & Air Treatment

Air Purifier

nanoe™ Generator


Water Solution

Air to Water Heat Pump

Water Heater

Water Pump

Water Purification System

Controller & IoT Cloud


Smart Connectivity+

Panasonic Comfort Cloud

AC Smart Cloud

AC Service Cloud

Aquarea Smart Cloud

Aquarea Service Cloud

Panasonic Products Are Used Globally

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