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Powered with light diesel oil, natural gas, and residual (waste) heat (Recycling of steam, hot water, and flue gas), the lithium bromide absorption chiller unit (ABS) is not only an environment-friendly, high efficiency and comfortable air conditioner, but also an energy saving, emission-reduction and environmental-protection product for process requirements and comprehensive utilization of energy.

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Rapid Cooling and Heating of Large Spaces

The strength of the powerful ABS system lies in its ability to adjust the temperature in large spaces. A single 1050RT direct-fired LiBr ABS chiller/heater has approximately the same output power as 200 VRF systems. 


Case Study

District Cooling+Convention Centre
Malaysia Putrajya District Cooling Plant

Air Conditioning System
ABS Direct Fired Type
Precinct 1 : 6 x 1500RT
Precinct 2 : 5 x 1500RT
Precinct 5 : 5 x 1500RT
Convention center : 4 x 1000RT
Cooling capacity : 17nos / 23,500RT

District Cooling + Convention Centre Malaysia Putrajaya District Cooling Plant

Ecological with No Fluorocarbon Refrigerants

The ABS system uses water as a refrigerant, so unlike the refrigerants used in ordinary air conditioners, it generates no fluorocarbon gas. This makes it an excellent air conditioning system for the environment as well.

Eco-Friendly Water Refrigerant

Power-Saving Efficiency

Because gas, kerosene, or A-type heavy oil* is used as fuel, the amount of electricity used is minimized. Being able to greatly reduce ordinary electrical fees helps to cut the power peak during seasons when the temperature rapidly rises and falls.

LowPower Consumption

Absorption Chiller Heater with Auxiliary Waste Heat Recovery*

Our Genelink Natural Gas Chiller effectively utilizes the waste hot water generated by a cogeneration system for its heat source, and dramatically reduces gas usage. In recognition of its contribution to leveling the electrical power load during peak electricity usage hours as well as to the large volume of waste heat collection. 

Genelink Natural Gas Chiller System Sample

The Mechanism of ABS

The Mechanism of ABS Illustration

Product Type

Direct fired


Steam Fired




Hot Water

Hot Water Fired



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