Shared Philosophies

Affinity with the Olympic Movement

Panasonic signed the Olympic partnership agreement not solely for marketing purposes. Promoting a more peaceful world through sport. By responding to this Olympic philosophy and supporting its activities, we realize our brand slogan, “A Better Life, A Better World,” and derive meaning from our continued sponsorship.

Becoming an Official Worldwide Partner of the International Paralympic Committee

Our goal is to expand our various contributions through sports competitions. Driven by this, Panasonic also signed an Official Worldwide Paralympic Partnership agreement with the International Paralympic Committee (IPC). Our wish is to continue providing accessible products and services to all people including the disabled and elderly, and support the Paralympic movement.

We look back on Olympic and Paralympic solutions by year and host city, starting with Panasonic's first TOP-sponsored competition, Olympic Winter Games Calgary 1988.

We introduce the statistics, stories, and Panasonic's accomplishments at the Olympic Games through fun animation and infographics.

Olympic Games Paralympic Games
Rio 2016

As the Official Opening and Closing Ceremony Partner, supported the first Olympic Games in South America

Supported Rio 2016 Paralympic Games by delivering equipments as first Japanese partner of the International Paralympic Committee worldwide

Sochi 2014

Panasonic's Full HD video format AVC-Intra 100 helped achieve a digital media Olympics.

Supported the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games through 10,000 surveillance cameras and various broadcasting equipment.

London 2012

Panasonic's cutting-edge 3D equipment and technology produced the first 3D Olympic Games.

Supplied Full HD video equipment to the IBC to achieve Full HD video distribution in the venues and across the world.

Vancouver 2010

Panasonic supplied the IBC with P2HD news broadcasting systems which use semiconductor memory.

Delivered the excitement of the Paralympic Games to the world by supplying an extensive lineup of HD broadcasting equipment to the IBC, such as the "P2HD" series.

Beijing 2008

Panasonic's lineup of HD equipment made possible the first Olympic Games with total Full HD official coverage.

Supported the Games by supplying audio equipment and video display devices to the Paralympic venues, as well as HD broadcast equipment to the IBC.

Torino 2006

Supplied equipment to the IBC for 6 consecutive Olympic Games since Atlanta 1996.

Became the first Official Worldwide Paralympic Partner in support of the Paralympic Games.

Athens 2004

Panasonic installed and maintained digital cameras and monitors that enlivened the IBC and venues.

Supported the Athens 2004 Paralympic Games through the provision of a variety of equipment.

Salt Lake 2002

Utilized years of experience to build broadcasting systems that functioned impeccably even in extremely cold conditions.

Supported the Salt Lake 2002 Paralympic Winter Games through the provision of a variety of equipment.

Sydney 2000

DVCPRO 50 was adopted for the first time as the official video recording format of Sydney 2000.

Nagano 1998

DVCPRO was tested in addition to the official video recording format, D-3.

Atlanta 1996

Designed and operated the International Broadcast Centre (IBC) as the prime contractor to the host broadcaster.

Lillehammer 1994
Barcelona 1992

D-3 became the official video recording format, achieving the first digital broadcast at the Olympic Games.

Albertvill 1992
Seoul 1988

Panasonic provided the MII video system to NBC to facilitate US broadcasting.

Calgary 1998

As an Official Worldwide Olympic Partner, Panasonic supplied equipment to a portion of broadcasters for the first time.