Finance and Accounting Sector

We Are a Team of Professionals Who Steadily Pursue "Finance and Accounting for Management."

The Finance and Accounting Sector is a center of excellence (CoE) that provides services in areas that require a high degree of professionalism in the finance and accounting field within the Panasonic Group. We handle operations involving accounting, finance, tax affairs, internal systems, accounting operation reforms, audits, and internal control. We also have functions to develop the skills of about 6,000 finance and accounting employees on a global basis.
Our roles, which involve the implementation of "finance and accounting for management," have been part of our coherent mission since the foundation of Panasonic. The first is related to our contribution through institutional accounting, management accounting, business management, and management recommendations as the network of nerves underpinning autonomous management. The second involves internal check functions as the nucleus of group-wide internal governance. Furthermore, we are also focusing on improving the productivity and effectiveness of general accounting operations ranging from specialized practical operations handled by finance and accounting employees to the recording of expenses handled by all employees.
In partnership with the finance and accounting employees of Panasonic Holdings Corporation and operating companies, we will support the resolution of issues in specialized fields and provide high value-added solutions with agility by using digital technologies aiming to ensure that business divisions enhance competitiveness and contribute to society.

Features of Our Services

The Finance and Accounting Sector provides the services listed below to the Panasonic Group with shared service and insurance companies within the Panasonic Group on consignment from Panasonic Holdings Corporation, etc.
Our sector consists of employees who joined our company directly out of college, who will develop expertise from the ground up, as well as many employees who are qualified as certified public accountants, tax accountants, etc., and new-graduate and mid-career employees with expertise in specialized fields. Our strength lies in our ability to provide the industry's top-level professional services.
In addition, we cooperate with national governments and professional associations, and engage in government and external relations in specialized areas by taking advantage of our high degree of professionalism.
Based on the F&A Personnel System, the Panasonic Group's unique human resources system adopted within the finance and accounting departments, we also take on the function of human resources development, including skills development by providing training, etc. and supporting career development from a long-term perspective for all finance and accounting employees within the Panasonic Group.

Service List

  • Accounting: Accounting governance, group-wide accounting compliance (institutional consolidated accounting, accounting disclosure, etc.), and supervision of internal performance management (consolidated management accounting, analyses, etc.)
  • Finance: Effective use of global funds through the group-wide centralization of fund, exchange, payment, and investment transactions, ensuring compliance with financial disciplines, and risk management
  • Tax affairs: Support for operations to enhance group-wide tax affairs governance
  • Internal systems: Planning and operation management of business management systems underpinning autonomous management along with accounting systems, group-wide insurance administration, and operation of captive insurance companies
  • Accounting operational reforms: Promotion of financial and accounting operational reforms, system establishment, and DX promotion
  • Audits: Group-wide risk management and control by conducting management, operational, and functional department audits, etc., and evaluations and improvements of governance and process effectiveness
  • Internal control: Promotion of initiatives to ensure the effectiveness of internal control over the Panasonic Group's financial reporting and establishment of systems in accordance with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act (J-SOX Act) by way of internal control audits, etc.
  • Human resources development: Finance and accounting employee management, including employment, planning, development, and provision of career development programs as the assistant to the CFO who has the right of transfer, appointment, and removal of finance and accounting employees