Business Solutions Division

Creation of New Businesses by Developing and Operating Sustainable Smart Towns and Cooperating with Leading Companies

The Business Solutions Division is creating new businesses that will lead to the resolution of social issues such as by developing and operating Sustainable Smart Towns (SST) using the Panasonic Group's former factory sites, etc. and cooperating with leading companies.
For example, in the Fujisawa SST, Tsunashima SST, and Suita SST (under development) projects, we are aiming to develop environment-friendly towns that can provide advanced wellness, security, mobility, and other services together with partner companies and local governments.
With regard to collaboration businesses, we are making efforts to create new businesses such as by conducting demonstration tests of next-generation mobility and developing state-of-the-art office solutions with industry-leading companies.

Features of Our Services

The development and operation of SST starts with the planning of the concept of developing a new town by using former factory sites, etc. Through collaboration with partner companies from a wide range of industries related to energy, wellness, security, and mobility as well as local governments, we are working to create Panasonic's advanced services and solutions.
With regard to collaboration businesses, in conjunction with leading partner companies, we select project themes for new businesses that will lead to the resolution of social issues and work toward the commercialization of our projects while collaborating with all Panasonic Group companies.