Corporate Citizenship Department

Through the Promotion of Corporate Citizenship Activities, We Contribute to the Resolution of Social Issues and Enhancement of Corporate Value.

By way of activities as a corporate citizen, we plan and operate a variety of programs that enable the resolution of social issues and allow each and every one of our employees to contribute to society in ways that differ from our manufacturing and other core businesses. Through our activities, we will gain the trust and support of our customers and employees, and aim to enhance the Panasonic Group's corporate value.

Features of Our Services

Toward achieving a "sustainable and inclusive society" where everyone can live a vibrant life more freely, we plan and operate programs from the following perspectives by applying the Panasonic Group's products and technologies as well as the know-how and resources built up through manufacturing. We also create frameworks and systems to facilitate the active participation of employees and the public.

Service List

  • Support for non-electrified areas
  • Support for NPOs and NGOs
  • Environmental conservation activities around the world
  • Introducing sustainable seafood in employee cafeterias
  • Learning support for children
  • Scholarship for students in Asia
  • Providing opportunities for employees to learn and practice corporate citizenship activities
  • Fukushima reconstruction support action
  • Disaster relief
  • Support for arts and culture, etc.