Decision Support Office

The Decision Support Office Supports Decision-making Processes by Using the Decision Management Method.

In 1993, Panasonic adopted a decision management method used by many companies, and has used it for formulating business strategies within the Group and making associated decisions for over 25 years.

Based on knowledge acquired through a wide-ranging business analysis comprising of over 500 cases, the Decision Support Office increases the probability of making rational decisions and contributes to the enhancement of customers' business values by visualizing complex business models and decision-making structures and designing quantitative decision frames, which take risks into account.

Features of Our Services

  • The use of the decision management method, which visualizes business risks, enables the establishment of the rational frameworks to allow decision-makers to make quality decisions.
  • Since the visualization of business risks enables the rational recognition of uncertainty in a rapidly changing business environment, it is also used for writing scenarios for new businesses.
  • Decision management is a problem solving method that covers all decision-making processes not limited to quantitative evaluation of options. Therefore, it can also be used for resolving issues that do not require decision-making.