General Affairs Sector

As Professionals in Strategic General Affairs Operations, We Will Contribute to Business Management.

The General Affairs Sector will contribute to the establishment of management foundations by establishing a good external relationship with society and by maintaining credibility as the window to our company, and internally creating a bright, disciplined, and advanced corporate culture as well as a safe, comfortable, and efficient working environment.

Features of Our Services

With professional expertise in creating a safe, secure, and comfortable working environment, we will contribute to business management by efficiently providing up-to-date know-how and services tailored to the needs of work-sites.

  • Collaboration among general affairs functions for resolving group-wide issues and pursuit of economies of scale by centralizing operations
    (Enhancement of general affairs functions, establishment of a standardized office infrastructure for group-wide use)
  • Corporate group governance functions
    (Addressing group-wide risks, including disasters, accidents, and antisocial forces)
  • Facility services (maintenance, operations, and management related to land, buildings, and facilities, preparations for disasters and accidents, confirmation of employee safety in disasters, physical security management, operations of employee cafeterias, meeting rooms, and core systems, company car management, main switchboard management, and reception and security services)

Service List

  • Development of general affairs human resources and enhancement of organizational capabilities of general affairs departments 
  • Support for business manner improvement initiatives
  • General office infrastructure services
  • Provision of general affairs-related systems
  • Support for the implementation of measures against disasters and accidents and operations of ICT tools for disaster information
  • Support for severing relations with antisocial forces