Human Resources Sector

We Contribute to the Establishment of Organizations That Enable Diverse Human Resources to Perform at Their Best and Achieve Maximum Job Satisfaction.

The Human Resources Sector is a professional team that provides efficient and advanced human resources solutions and operation services by applying extensive experience and specialist skills in the fields of human resources, organizations, and culture. We provide a wide range of support including the development of human resources strategies and the design of systems required for employee success, employment and career support related to the acquisition and career development of diverse human resources, development of organizations and human resources that will bring out the abilities of individuals and organizations to the fullest and support growth, and advanced and efficient employee services.

Features of Our Services

As a company with a history of 100 years, we respect the philosophy of our founder Konosuke Matsushita that developing people forms the basis of manufacturing and business operations. Tapping into our experience of having been close to employees on site, we identify issues, and plan, propose, and implement solutions from the following perspective.

[Human resources]

We acquire and develop leaders and other human resources who drive business strategies and maximize employee passions and skills.


We establish organizations and management systems that will accelerate business growth and contribute to the creation of workplaces that give first priority to physical and mental safety.


We support the achievement of a culture in which diverse human resources mingle and respect one another, and the establishment of autonomous organizations.

Service List

  • Development of human resources strategies (human resources strategies, DEI, HR communications, etc.)
  • Human resources information systems, HR Tech, People Analytics
  • Human resources system design (performance management, compensation and welfare, etc.)
  • Development of human resources and organizations (training, support, and assessment for the development of human resources and organizations, etc.)
  • Recruiting and career change support
  • Human resources operation services