Information Systems Sector

Provide Essential Value with IT and Directly Contribute to Management.

  • The Information Systems Sector plays a central role in promoting DX within the Panasonic Group based on the group-wide information strategy.
  • We will transform the Panasonic Group's operations with our information systems and provide the highest value possible to customers, employees, and business partners.
  • By leveraging our skills in ICT, data, processes, infrastructures, and security, we will establish information systems tailored to the businesses of operating companies and functions of the Panasonic Group.

Features of Our Services

Based on the mission of the Information Systems Sector, we will provide novel value (services) across the Panasonic Group.

  1. Clarify issues through data analyses.
  2. Accelerate initiatives by making proposals with agility.
  3. Update business operation processes by using state-of-the-art cloud services

We will link the joy of creating new IT to the convenience and satisfaction of customers, synergy effects with business partners as well as the personal growth and career development of our employees.