Intellectual Property Sector

Transformation into the Intellectual Property Sector Committed to Business Operations

The Intellectual Property Sector has established Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd. as an affiliated company, which consolidates and commercializes intellectual property-related operations within the Panasonic Group.

Panasonic has secured the advantages and safety of its businesses for both the present and the future by globally creating, protecting, and utilizing intellectual property and preventing and resolving intellectual property-related disputes.

Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd. defined the principal functions of intellectual property activities as its business, clarified its management responsibilities, and will make more active contributions to business division-based growth strategies.

Features of Our Services

Panasonic Intellectual Property Management enables the promotion of a wide range of intellectual property operations by utilizing the "trusts among persons belonging to the same group of companies" stipulated in Article 51 of the Trust Business Act of Japan and provides one-stop solutions related to intellectual property.

Specifically, we consolidate intellectual property-related operations at home and abroad, including research, applications, licensing, maintenance, and administration, and negotiations related to licensing, transfer, acquisition, etc. and contribute to the creation of new businesses and enhancement of existing businesses by fulfilling our roles with high degree of professionalism.

Furthermore, we facilitate the development of professional human resources by accumulating and sharing highly advanced know-how related to intra-corporate intellectual property operations.

Service List

  1. Research, analysis, and consulting
  2. Formulation of IP strategy
  3. Invention development, prosecution, and acquisition
  4. Internal IP management and administration
  5. Intellectual property awareness
  6. IP license and evaluation
  7. Intellectual property risk analysis
  8. Fighting against counterfeiting
  9. Supporting business creation