Logistics Sector

We Provide One-stop Logistics Solutions Tailored to Business Needs.

As the core of the logistics operations within the Panasonic Group, the Logistics Sector serves as a professional team that plans, operates, and provides solution, operation, and logistics platforms for commercial logistics and relevant operations that meet diverse global business needs.
Being up for a challenge and tackling evolution, diverse individuals continue to upgrade logistics and relevant operations at global sites.

By leveraging the Panasonic Group's economies of scale, as well as the expertise built up by engaging in diverse businesses and job categories, our sector consisting of Japanese and overseas logistics in conjunction with international trading departments jointly provide one-stop advanced, efficient, and quality logistics and relevant operations, and contribute to the enhancement of competitiveness by innovating logistics, which is essential for a global supply chain.

While improving logistics site operations, developing frontline-oriented streamlining solutions, and achieving logistics innovation from a business perspective with business divisions based on logistics data analyses and digital technologies, we also support business activities related to the Panasonic Group's governance such as ensuring compliance with logistics and trade-related laws and regulations, including the customs act and green logistics.

Features of Our Services

  1. One-stop logistics solutions best suited for all businesses
    Provide one-stop services for the flow from product logistics process design, logistics operations, cost management, process visualization to continual improvements for various products, including parts and materials, finished products, devices, and repair parts, and thereby offer optimized solutions for logistics and relevant operations in each business.
  2. Logistics services mobilizing the Panasonic Group's comprehensive strengths
    By taking advantage of the Panasonic Group's economies of scale, conclude centralized contracts on transportation and distribution infrastructure, transportation charges, insurance, etc. and provide efficient and advanced global logistics platforms.
  3. Logistics governance including trade compliance and green logistics
    Provide governance, training, and management systems for logistics and related operations including the customs act and serve as the contact with administrative organizations.

Service List

  • Logistics-related consulting
  • Logistics services taking advantage of the Panasonic Group's economies of scale
  • Governance including trade compliance
  • Establishment and provision of logistics-related systems