Procurement Sector

We Contribute to Operating Companies Becoming Specialized by Streamlining and Refining Procurement Functions.

The Panasonic Group provides products and services to customers with support from a total of about 16,000 global suppliers. While partnering with these suppliers, the Procurement Sector is supporting the Panasonic Group's manufacturing by ensuring the stable and timely supply of quality parts and materials required for production from the global market to factories around the world at reasonable prices.
The Global Procurement Division is handling centralized and consolidated contracts and purchasing of raw materials, electrical parts, and indirect materials (MROs, equipment, stationery, etc.) commonly used by the Panasonic Group's operating companies, and thereby implement optimal procurement for the Panasonic Group through the provision of the above-mentioned materials.
We are also active in promoting green procurement, which has recently been receiving attention. We are making efforts to create new value by achieving a balance between the adoption of parts and materials with less environmental impact and cost reduction.

Features of Our Services

In the Panasonic Group's procurement reforms launched in 2015, we have proceeded with the establishment of procurement platforms, consolidated procurement operations, and development of procurement professionals and achieved effective and efficient procurement. Based on these achievements, we will establish more efficient and advanced procurement systems and provide high added value.

  1. Handling of centralized contracts and purchasing, and contingent operations (general-purpose electrical and electronic parts, mechanical parts, raw materials, and indirect materials)
    Implement centralized and consolidated contracts and purchasing with regard to parts and materials to which such approaches bring about benefits, and achieve effective and efficient procurement.
  2. Streamlined procurement
    Based on procurement know-how and knowledge accumulated over the years, we are carrying out new procurement reforms based on procurement digital transformation (procurement DX). We will enable more advanced operations and provide high added value in the procurement environment, which is becoming increasingly complex.
  3. Advanced solutions
    Contract, purchasing, and logistics professionals carry out scrap and build in the value chain and optimize procurement operations.

Service List

  • Centralized contracts and purchasing, and contingent operations (general-purpose electrical and electronic parts, raw materials, and indirect materials)
  • Streamlined procurement
  • Advanced solutions

Global Procurement Division

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