Quality and Environment Sector

Contribute to the Enhancement of Competitiveness and Brand Value Both in Terms of Defensive and Offensive Aspects

The Quality and Environment Sector supports operations related to quality, environment, and product regulations within the Panasonic Group.

  • In the quality area, we implement "defensive" quality assurance initiatives involving quality management systems, product safety, risk management, and development of human resources in charge of quality management operations and disseminating "offensive" quality management such as customer value creation across the Panasonic Group.
  • In the environment area, we handle a broad range of initiatives. In addition to the establishment of the structures required for legitimate management of hazardous substances, waste, and other environmental burdens at business divisions, we are planning visions and action plans, and disclosing and disseminating information to external stakeholders as part of our measures to address urgent climate change issues.
  • In the product regulation area, we are engaged in a wide sphere of compliance initiatives, i.e., we gather, analyze, and distribute information about the establishment and revisions of global product regulations, provide systematic training on laws and regulations, and carry out lobbying activities for minimizing future legal risks.

Features of Our Services

We support the enhancement of competitiveness and brand value of our customers by supporting operations related to quality, environment, and product regulations.

  • We ensure quality in a wide range of fields from products to services, support the establishment of quality management systems required to increase customer satisfaction, and conduct quality audits and diagnoses, and make improvement proposals. Through the development of human resources, we will enhance customers' quality management initiatives.
  • By making full use of the experience, know-how, and data infrastructures accumulated within the Panasonic Group, the latest knowledge, and a human network with external experts, we will support the environmental management of our customers ranging from the formulation of environmental strategies and plans, identification of issues with specific initiatives and making suggestions on resolving such issues along with the handling of government and external relations.
  • We analyze and disseminate information about global technical regulations on products (electrical safety technical regulations, EMC regulations, wireless regulations, energy-saving regulations, etc.) and regulations on chemical substances in products (RoHS, REACH, etc.) and thereby support customers' initiatives to reduce risks related to product regulations.

Service List

  • Quality audits and diagnoses, and improvement proposals / risk management / development and exchanges of human resources in charge of quality management operations
  • Environmental management consulting / environment data aggregation and analyses
  • Operations for ensuring compliance with product laws and regulations