PT-DZ6700E / EL

PT-DZ6700E / EL



• The RGB Booster provides vivid color reproduction and high brightness.
• The Dual lamp system prevents image interruptions, while the Auto Cleaning Filter reduces filter maintenance hassles.
• Multi-screen support system seamlessly connects multiple screens.

PT-DZ6700E / EL



A wide array of unique image-processing technologies combine to produce realistic, lifelike images

Panasonic&s PT-DZ6700E 1-chip DLP™ projectors now offer even brighter and more vivid images with full high definition resolution.

Along with the RGB Booster, which combines high brightness and superb colour reproduction, a host of technologies work together to enhance image quality. The Dual-Lamp System and Auto Cleaning Filter extend operating stability and contribute to reliability. The PT-DZ6700E includes Geometric Adjustment for projecting images onto curved screens, as well as standard HD-SDI signal compatibility.

All models offer high image quality and easy system expansion to increase system integration flexibility.


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