Coaxial - LAN Converter with PoE function

• PoE (Power over Ethernet) ready
• Use over long distances
• High-speed transmission
• No setup required




PoE (Power over Ethernet) ready

The coaxial - LAN converter is compliant with PoE standards (IEEE 802.3 af), and contains a power supplying device. PoE can be used to supply power to Panasonic network cameras, which eliminates the need for installing power outlets for the cameras.

Use over long distances

The coaxial - LAN converter can be used for distances of up to 500 m (1,640 feet 12.7 cm)*1 for PoE connections, and 2 km (6,561 feet 20.32 cm for non-PoE connections. (When used with RG-6/U coaxial cable.)

High-speed transmission

The coaxial - LAN converter is capable of transmission speeds of 35 Mbps or over for TCP*2, and 45 Mbps or over for UDP connections. (When used with RG-6/U coaxial cable, and for distances under 2 km [6,561 feet 20.32 cm].)

No setup required

Connections can be established by simply connecting the coaxial cable to the coaxial - LAN converter.