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256 Inputs Matrix Switcher System

• Up to 256 inputs and 32 outputs
• Simultaneous use of up to 16 WV-CU650 RS-485 System Controllers
• Up to 60 users
• Up to 16 recorders (WJ-HD300A Series, WJ-RT416)





• Supports up to 256 cameras (using 8 Video Input Boards).
• All 256 channels are coaxial, multiplex cables, reducing the number of cables required and simplifying installation.
• Supports up to 256 RS-485, remote-controlled cameras.
• Pan, tilt and other lens motions can be controlled either by multiplex data over coaxial cable or RS-485 remote-control signals.
• Cables can be up to 900 m (3,000 feet) long (RG59/U coaxial cable, Belden 9259 or equivalent).


• The maximum size (256 camera x 32 monitor) system requires four WJ-SX650/SX650U units.
• Set up is simple with the Video Input and Video Output Boards, each composed of a front-access Main Board and rear-access Rear Boards.
• Front access for Main Board and Power Supply maintenance.
• Rich array of sequence, alarm, and scheduling features meets every surveillance need.
• Supports up to 1,024 alarm inputs (Terminal/Camera/Recorder/Serial/Video Loss) and up to 64 alarm outputs (and also 1,024 Serial Alarm Out).
• Storage for up to 10,000 alarms, with alarm histories downloadable to PC to facilitate management.
• The Set-up Menu and WJ-SX650 Series Administrator Console make set up easy.
• Fine tune management of up to 60 users* with individual level and priority settings.


• Output support for up to 32 monitors (using 2 Video Output Boards).
• Character displays show date, time, camera number, camera title and event information.
• Set-up menus are available in seven languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, and Japanese.
• Alarm history display shows up to most recent 1,000 alarms.

Recorders (WJ-HD300A Series)

• Supports connection of up to 16 WJ-HD300A Series recorders (using 2 Video Output Boards).
• Use of WJ-HD300A Series network features allows remote surveillance from a PC.


• Supports simultaneous use of up to 16 WV-CU650 System Controllers + personal computer (PC).
• Supports use of PS•Data (With DATA1 port set to PS•Data).

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