Photo of System650EX
Video Interface Number of Inputs 1.0 V [p-p] / PAL composite 75 Ω/ BNC Connector x Up to 512 Interface With Multiplexed Vertical sync (VD2) and control data.
Logical Camera No. Range 1 ~ 99,999
Number of Loop 1.0 V [p-p] / PAL composite 75 Ω/ 25 pin D-sub connectors.
Through Outputs Active loop through.
Number of Outputs 1.0 V [p-p] / PAL composite 75 Ω/ BNC Connector x Up to 64
Logical Monitor No. Range 1 ~ 99,999
Controller Number of Controllers 64 (WV-CU950 and ActiveX controller)
Recorder Number of Recorders Up to 32 (WJ-HD300A Series, WJ-RT416) *Connection with the WJ-RT416 is a plan for future.
Alarm Alarm Source Total up to 1,024 consists of followings Terminal inputs x 1,024 Camera alarm x 512 Video loss alarm x 512 Serial alarm x 1,024 (Total of terminal input and output is 1,024) Supports one state input mode.
Number of Alarm Programs 1,024
Alarm Outputs Up to 256 (Terminals), Trigger: Active/ACK/RESET
Alarm Control Ack (Auto/Manual), Reset (Auto/Manual), All reset, Arm, Disarm
Alarm Action Up to10 actions including Camera spot, Tour SEQ, Group SEQ and Text
Alarm Target Up to 64 targets, Up to 64 monitors in a target.
Multi-Alarm Mode SEQ/HOLD
Alarm Log Up to 30 days and 500 KB x 99 files per day.
Alarm Schedule Possible by Timer Event
Functions Partitioning Controller-Area, Monitor, Camera view, Camera cont, G-SEQ, Alarm, Alarm I/O, Recorder. Operator-Controller. Monitor-Camera.
Priority 0 ~ 65,534 for Operator, Controller, Alarm and Timer event
Sequence Tour Sequence; 128 patterns, 64 steps, Logical No. 1 ~ 9,999 Group Preset; 128 patterns with 64 monitors, Logical No. 1 ~ 9,999 Group Sequence; 128 patterns, 64 steps, Logical No. 1 ~ 9,999 Dwell Time; Up to 86,339 seconds
Timer Events 1,024 (Camera Spot, Tour SEQ, Group Preset, Group SEQ, Alarm, Mode change)
Area 64
Redundant CPU Supported
Setup Method Admin software (English)
Operator No. of Registration 512
Level Class setup 1 ~ 16
Priority 0 ~ 65,534
Operator Login/System 64
Administrator No. of Registration 128
Level 1 ~ 4
Camera Control (depending on the camera model) PTZ Up to 64 steps
Wiper ON (Keep pressing)
Defroster ON/OFF
Preset Positions Up to 255 Preset Positions
Setup Menu ON/OFF
Auto Mode Auto Pan, SEQ, Sort, Patrol
Function Number 1 ~ 256
OSD Service Time Date Time: 12/24H, Date: 10 formats
Camera Title 28 alpha-numeric characters
Alarm Title 18 alpha-numeric characters
Status System, Video loss, Alarm
Customizable Characters 32
Log Alarm (100), Video loss (100)
Log by Admin Software Switching, Operator, Alarm, Video loss, Admin setup