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512 Inputs Matrix Switcher System

• Up to 512 inputs and 64 outputs
• Simultaneous use of up to 64 WV-CU950 Ethernet System Controllers
• Up to 512 users
• Up to 32 recorders (WJ-HD300A Series, WJ-RT416 Series)
• Up to 64 Satellite domains with WV-ASC960 SX/GX Satellite/Upgrade Software




Basic Features

• Up to 512 inputs and 64 outputs.
• All inputs support multiplexed video, control data and VD2 sync over the coaxial cable, and cable compensation up to 900 m (3,000 feet).
• Up to 512 RS-485 remote controlled cameras.
• Supports simultaneous use of 64 controllers including the WV-CU950 System Controllers and Personal Computers using ActiveX control interface.

Alarm Functions

• Up to 1,024 alarm programs and various alarm interfaces including 1,024 terminal inputs, 256 terminal outputs, 512 camera alarms, 512 Video loss alarms and 1,024 serial alarm inputs (Total of terminal inputs and outputs is 1,024).
• Up to ten actions including Camera spot, Tour Sequence, Group Sequence and Text for each alarm event. Each action can be assigned to one of the 16 targets, which includes up to 64 monitors.
• Alarms can be scheduled by programming the timer event function.
• Alarm priority control enables effective management for alarms, timer events and operators.

General Functions

• Three sequencing features: Tour Sequence; 128 patterns, 64 steps, Group Preset; 128 patterns, 64 monitors, Group Sequence; 128 patterns, 64 steps.
• Up to 1,024 Timer events including Camera Spot, Tour Sequence, Group Preset, Group Sequence, Alarm and Mode change.
• Full camera control including 255 preset position call, Menu setup, Color/Black & White Change, Wiper, Defroster and 256 function codes (depending on the camera model). Preset positions can easily be programmed by the system controller.
• Up to 512 operators with individual level and priority settings, and flexible system partitioning.
• Up to 32 recorders (WJ-HD316/309A, WJ-RT416) can be connected. * Connection with WJ-RT416 is a plan for future.
• Cameras, matrix and recorders can be controlled seamlessly from the system controller.
• It will support a redundant CPU system without need of WJ-MPS850 CPU management switch unit, enabling lower cost.
• Front access for Main Board and Power Supply maintenance.

OSD Service

• Alarm Status, Alarm History (100 events), Video Loss Status, Video Loss History (100 events) and System Status can be viewed on a monitor.
• Time & Date Displays can be switched on and off from the system controller.

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