How to Service Your Air Conditioner At Home

5 Steps to Learn How to Service Your Air Conditioner at Home

5 Steps to Learn How to Service Your Air Conditioner at Home

During summers, the biggest thing that comes to mind is getting your air conditioner serviced. Although getting your split ac serviced from an authorised service partner is recommended, but you can work your way around by servicing your air conditioner by yourself at home. Although it might sound a bit hard at first, but servicing your AC at home is easier than it sounds.

Step 1: Keep the surroundings clean and take safety precaution

Keep the surroundings clean and take safety precaution

Well, this is an easy step to follow. First, make sure that your Panasonic air conditioner is switched off. To be completely sure take the plug out of the socket. Now when servicing your split ac be ready for the surroundings to get a bit dirty. Make sure to place paper or towel below your ac. Since while servicing its dust particles, dirt and water will fall and can make whatever is below your ac dirty. Also, remember to wear a mask to keep yourself safe from dusty particles and dirt.

Step 2: Opening your AC

Opening your AC

To start with the servicing make sure to open the indoor unit first. To open the indoor unit all you need to do is open the lock in the side of your split air conditioner. Now after opening the air conditioner, you will see two filters which you will need to take out. To take the filters out, push the filter lightly upwards and take it out.

Step 3: Cleaning the filter and cooling coil

Cleaning the filter and cooling coil

As soon as you take out the filter you can see some dust settled on it. To clean the filter, just clean it gently in running tap water and dry it. The cooling coil has a major impact on the cooling performance of the air conditioner, having dirt on it impacts the cooling performance. To clean the cooling coil of the split ac, all you need is a normal toothbrush. Clean the coil by simply brushing it with the toothbrush in an upward to downwards direction. Also, take precaution and keep your hands safe since the fins of the coil are sharp.

Step 4: Use a simple water pump

Use a simple water pump

After brushing off the dust particles from you split air conditioner, make sure to use a simple water pump to splash water on the air conditioner’s cooling coil. This will help in letting the dust particles settle in the drain tray and go out of the air conditioner through the drainpipe.

Step 5: Closing the ac and cleaning the outer body

After using the water pump, you need to put the filters back to its original position and close the indoor unit by simply pushing the indoor flap slightly to lock it. Finally, all you need is a dry cloth to clean the outer body of the ac and switch on your air conditioner to check the cooling effect.

AC servicing is something that must be done when the ac season is approaching and when the season ends. Although air conditioner servicing is something that can be done by everyone easily at home, it is ideal to call for service as it will help in understanding if the air conditioner is having any problem. Time to be kind and helpful to the family and reduce the workload for everyone. Help with the daily laundry, and enjoy valuable moments with.