Air conditioner


We, at Panasonic, aspire to achieve excellence and create premium, world-leading air conditioning solutions. Our twin cool air conditioners, equipped with Nanoe Technology removes virus, bacteria, PM 2.5 and gives up to 99%* clean air. Aerowings offers premium shower airflow for up to 31 feet*.

With Panasonic air conditioners, experience Quality Air For Life.

During the summer months, people tend to spend more time indoors. Hence, it becomes extremely important to tackle the problem of indoor air pollution. Panasonic air conditioners, equipped with Nanoe Technology removes 99%* germs, bacteria, viruses and PM 2.5 and gives out clean air. Gift yourself and your family #QualityAirForLife.

This summer, energy bills will not scare you. Panasonic air conditioners, equipped with Inverter Technology offers energy-saving performance and helps you stay comfortable at all times. Save up to 34%* energy and cool down with #QualityAirForLife.

Special moments call for #QualityAirForLife. Panasonic air conditioners with Aerowings offer shower cooling and clean air everywhere so that you can make comforting and ever-lasting memories.


It’s been 100 years since Panasonic is serving you with the aim of a better life, a better world. Panasonic air conditioner offers #QualityAirForLife, and is one brand that’ll keep you cool and happy. For smooth-sailing summers, trust us.