Panasonic Environment Conservation I Recycle

In May 2012, Panasonic launched its comprehensive electronic waste recycling program called I Recycle. The program is being executed through an agreement with an authorized recycler. Under the program, the products that are recycled are office e-waste, including telephones (all types), electrical and electronic typewriters, fax machines, printers, including cartridges, copying equipment, user terminals and systems, notebook and notepad computers; e-waste generated from service and repair of products, and end-of-life (EOL) products, which include Panasonic products that have run out their utility to the consumers, including air conditioners excluding centralised air conditioning plants, washing machines, refrigerators and TV sets based on CRT, LCD, LED technology.

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Panasonic Harit Umang (Joy of Green) Program

On the occasion of Panasonic’s Centenary, Panasonic launched Harit Umang (Joy of Green), an initiative which focuses on nurturing Green ambassadors, going beyond awareness towards creating sensitization and inculcating adoption of Green Practices in day to day life. The Green Practices around the themes of ‘safe & responsible disposal of e-waste’; ‘towards zero plastic waste’, ‘the Energy conservation’ and ‘commitment towards plantation of more trees’ cover various aspects of the environment and are all backed by the Panasonic’s commitment under Green Impact

“Joy of Green” (HARIT UMANG) aims to create an eco- friendly and sustainable community by innovatively engaging the youth of the country and impart Knowledge about Best Green Practices through Schools, Universities and Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs) across the country starting with Delhi National Capital Region in India.

Various activities are being implemented under the ‘Joy of Green’ Harit Umang project, like webinars, Olympiad, online campaigns, quiz competitions, tree plantation etc. every year under themes:

About E-Waste Theme of Harit Umang: 

E Waste
“Safe and Responsible Disposal of e –waste”
Objective: To ensure responsible disposal of e-waste enabling safe and scientific recycling

E -Waste awareness is one of the Key themes of Harit Umang program, which focuses towards sensitizing towards “Safe and Responsible Disposal of e –waste” .

Objective: Inculcating practices ensuring responsible disposal of e-waste enabling safe and scientific recycling

Outreach & Imparting Knowledge
Taking the Green ambassadors one step closer to environmental stability.

  • WEBINARS engaging the environmental experts
  • LIVE Practical Trainings
  • CONTESTS invoking the creative and innovative spirit
  • PILOTs institutionalized
  • Nurturing soft skills and feeding INNOVATIVE hunger

Expanding the footprint of Responsible Behavior for Sustainable future

Outcome & Conclusion

  • Global Exposure
  • Outreach to over 500 schools
  • Recognizing the efforts, talent and initiatives of our green ambassadors
  • Responsible Stakeholder Behavior: Bal Bharti Public School, Rohini, and Mata Sundri College for Women collected maximum quantity of E-waste contributing to safe and responsible disposal of E-waste.
  • UN Dialogue among schools generating unique opportunity for green ambassadors to understand the global perspective and formulate ideas on Key element of Circular Economy and the role of e-waste.
  • The engagement is carried throughout the year subject to the availability of respective schools schedule. 

E-Waste Collection Centers

e-waste service providers for Financial year 2023 -2024

Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO)


Ecoverva E-Waste Recycling Private Limited

GL Recycling LLP

Tes-Amm India Private Limited

Greenscape Eco Management Private Limited


Hin Green E-Waste Recycling Private Limited