Panasonic Group Corporate Citizenship Activities

At the Panasonic Group, each and every one of our employees is committed to social contribution, directly dealing with social issues in ways that are different from our manufacturing and other core businesses. These "activities as corporate citizens," which have continued for more than 50 years, have been passed on from person to person within the Panasonic Group, keeping up to date activity themes according to the times.

Panasonic Life Solutions India, proudly align itself with the Panasonic Group's values and commitment to social contribution.

Focal themes of Corporate Citizenship Activities:

Initiative towards ENDING POVERTY

 ‘Aarogya’ – Community health project in Haridwar
Aarogya is one of the key projects aimed at improving the health status of a targeted community in Haridwar. . It was started in 2016 and till date has benefitted over 1 lakh families spread across 5 district blocks, covering over 80 villages. Aarogya take a three-fold approach to ensure proper health. In the first step it targets general seasonal diseases through its Mobile Health Unit. In the second approach it focuses on Severely Acute Malnourished children through its MNRC intervention. The third approach targets pregnant women to ensure healthy childbirth.

Panasonic Light up the Future – Solar Lantern Distribution
Light up the Future project is about bringing light to the areas that have no electricity using Panasonic’s renewable energy technology. An initiative to replace dangerous kerosene lamps with electric light from renewable energy. Electric lighting provides more time to study, allows medical treatment at night, enables nighttime handicraft work, and enlivens the community by making gatherings possible. Between 2013 and 2018, we donated 100,000 solar lanterns to communities in 30 countries in Asia and Africa. Here, in India, we have distributed solar lanterns around our factory areas. The distribution of solar lanterns is done by employees, empowering communities with a sustainable and environmentally friendly lighting solution.

Holistic Development at Jawhar, Maharashtra and Kaparada, Gujarat
A comprehensive community program aimed at improving the quality of life for the local community. Launched in 2016, the program focuses on initiatives such as installation of solar panels & streetlights, drinking water arrangement, agriculture development, education enhancement, women empowerment (SHG) etc. to name a few. This activity helps foster sustainable development and empower the residents of Jawhar. The Jawhar program today has positively impacted 17 hamlets, benefiting a total of 1260 families and approximately 6440 individuals. We have also completed 116800 no. of plantation along with installation of 400 solar streetlights. A similar initiative was undertaken in Kaparada, Gujarat. It has positively impacted 36 hamlets, benefiting a total of 2173 families and approximately 9619 individuals. Additionally, we have planted 1,16,800 trees at Jawahar and Kapada.

Eye and Ear Screening Camp(Jahwar) - This initiative helps create awareness for refractive error and cataract among school students. Eye and Ear screening camps are being run in Jahwar, Maharashtra and covered few schools and benefitting children by providing glasses to identified ones.

Aadarsh Gram Panchayat (Kaparada, Gujarat)
Aimed at empowering the local community and promoting sustainable development at the grassroots level, the Aadarsh Gram Panchayat initiative has undertaken several activities like livestock management training for women, trainings on panchayat raj institution/government schemes, exposure visits for Gram Panchayat Members etc., to name a few. Launched in 2022-’23, the project has covered 36 hamlets till date, reaching out to a total of 2,632 families and approximately 12,648 individuals. The project continues to make a positive impact, paving the way for an empowered and prosperous future for Kaparada and its residents.

Model Village Project (Haridwar, Uttrakhand)
An ongoing initiative to empower the community, promote sustainable agricultural practices, improve animal health, and uplift the overall socio-economic conditions of the village. Launched in 2022-23, this project focuses on initiatives such as animal health camps, formation of women groups, and farmers' groups. With a targeted approach, the Model Village Project in Haridwar aims to positively impact 550 families, and a population of 2,025 individuals, ensuring a brighter future for the community.

Project Aarogya-doot - Mobile Medical Unit (MMU), Thane
Project Aarogya- doot is one of the key projects in the Thane location. Its aim is to improve the health status of the communities living in low-income urban areas, providing Primary Health care through a Mobile Medical Unit. The project started in April 2023 and has benefited 1000 patients till June 2023, covering 5 slum areas at Thane with the support of the Municipal Corporation. 

Initiative towards ENVIROMENT

Plant it Forward - Panasonic Tree Plantation Drive
Panasonic Life Solutions India, in alignment with the Global Eco Relay concept, is actively running a tree plantation drive. As part of our commitment to environmental sustainability, PLSIND takes pride in planting trees each year in India. Each tree planted serves as a symbol of our commitment to the well-being of the planet and future generations. The initiative is a small step to raise awareness about the significance of environmental conservation and the vital role played by trees in maintaining ecological harmony.

Panasonic Harit Umang – Panasonic’s ‘Harit Umang-Joy of Green’ program is an environmental awareness program with an objective to drive the adoption of environment friendly green practices in line with the mission LIFE of the honorable Prime Minister. The program aims to develop sustainable lifestyle by nurturing the youth and the ecosystem through dissemination of ecological wisdom engaging with the educational institutions and RWA., around the key environmental themes “responsible disposal of e-waste”, “towards zero plastic waste”, “biodiversity” and “energy conservation.”​

Initiative towards HUMAN DEVELOPMENT

Education scholarship for underprivileged students, Thane
An initiative for underprivileged students to provide support for higher education. It focuses on awarding scholarships to 20 engineering students studying at Datta Meghe College of Engineering in Airoli, New Mumbai. Through these scholarships Panasonic aims at alleviating the financial burden , enabling them to pursue their academic aspirations.

Panasonic Scholarship Asia - Ratti Chhatr
In line with Panasonic’s Global Goals, PLSIND has established the Panasonic Scholarship Asia program. Initiated in 2015, it provides financial assistance to the aspiring engineers pursuing education from different IITs across the country. It is open to students who are in their first year of engineering coming from low-income families. The program has already supported 246 students PAN India.

Educational support for slum children (Navjeevan school, Gandhinagar, Thane)
This initiative is aimed at providing free education to underprivileged children who are involved in activities such as rag-picking, begging, school dropouts, orphans, and those with single parents. Launched in 2022-23, this project focuses providing quality education. The project also includes repairing schools, providing infrastructural support such as benches, mats, and blackboards, as well as covering operational expenses including teachers' salaries, organizing events and exposure visits, providing nutrition support, and covering utility expenses. The project has positively impacted approximately 100 children.

Support for hearing impaired students at Thane (Kamilini School)
This project focuses on enabling hearing-impaired students to access digital forms of learning and enhancing their digital literacy. The ongoing project encompasses various activities including digitalization efforts such as setting up a computer lab, implementing e-learning initiatives, providing hearing aid support and ensuring that the students can effectively communicate and engage with their peers and teachers. Various programs and sessions are also organized to enhance their overall learning experience. Through this initiative approximately 58 children are being educated.

Evening Learning Centre (ELC) at Thane
This project aims at providing educational support to school dropout children preparing for the 10th-grade (SSC) examination, thereby, equipping them for future education and job opportunities. The ELC focuses on a range of activities such as providing educational materials specifically tailored for SSC students, implementing e-learning methods through television and syllabus-based programs, and covering operational expenses such as teachers' support, organizing programs, and utility costs. Till date approximately 62 children have benefitted from this initiative and we continue to add more.

Day Care Centre for migrant children, Daman
The centre acts as a safe haven for migrant children of daily wage workers. The objective is to provide a secure environment and educational support to these children during the parent’s workhours i.e., 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The ongoing project entails establishing the necessary infrastructure and interiors such as TVs, bunk beds, tables, chairs, kitchen equipment, water filters, and CCTV cameras, and covers operational expenses too. The Day Care looks after approximately 50 children.

Education – Model School Project, Haridwar
This project aims at enhancing the quality of education by providing basic infrastructural facilities aligned with the concept of a model school. Launched in 2016, the project entails various activities such as repairing classrooms and buildings, providing educational support such as books, extra classes, in adopted Government Primary schools. also, we provide special coaching classes for 10th and 12th class student subject like Science, Math, Chemistry, Physics etc. till date 5743 students have benefitted from this initiative across 8 Govt Primary Schools, 2 Upper Primary Schools and 8 Inter colleges. The Model School Project endeavors to build a conducive environment for learning.

Anchor Skill School, Haridwar
An ongoing project since 2018 with the objective to improve the skillset of youth to make them employable and encourage self-employment. The activities include providing skill-based training in areas such as Injection and Compression molding, Mobile Repairing, Home Appliances Repairing, Electrical MCS assembly, Electrical Switch and Socket assembly, Pad Printing and Spot welding. The students receive certificates upon completion of the training and are facilitated with job placements. The project also focuses on procuring necessary machinery for the Anchor Skill School. An impact assessment has been conducted to evaluate the project's effectiveness and till date 2111 students have benefitted from this initiative.

Self Defence Classes for Girls, Haridwar
This is an ongoing initiative since 2015 that aims at empowering adolescent girls by inculcating self-defense skills through martial art classes, across five schools. The project not only aims at enhancing girl’s personal safety and confidence but it also offers nutrition support to ensure their overall well-being. Till date 2010 girls have benefitted from this initiative. This initiative further supports girl’s participation in district-level competitions or higher-level events.

Free Meals to Patient’s relatives at Govt. Hospital
This project aims to provide food relief to marginalized sections of society in the city of Mumbai. Preserving the health of family members during hospital stay and provide care to hospitalized patient, this initiative has served 81,825 meals in 5 months (Nov to Mar 2023).

Mid-Day Meal & Vehicle support for Govt. Schools, Thane, Daman & Silvassa
This project ensures nutrition to the children coming from underserved communities. This encourages them to attend school and reducing the dropouts from schools. Approx. 8416 meals are served each day to 76 schools.

Sanitary Napkin Machine for Govt. and Ashram Schools, Jawhar, Maharashtra & Kaparada, Gujarat 
To ensure that girls stay in schools, Sanitary napkin vendor machines have been installed in 23 schools which helps provide Sanitary napkin to more than 3100 girls.

Nutrition support, Daman
The aim of this initiative is to provide nutrition support for better health of TB, HIV, Anemia & Malnourished patients. These patients are identified by the Health Department of Daman and Panasonic helps support with their nutrition.

Panasonic Breakfast Fundraiser
The "Panasonic Breakfast Fundraiser” is an initiative where employees come together and take part in preparing breakfast and collecting funds for a cause. This initiative exemplifies Panasonic's Basic Business Philosophy to contribute to the development of society through business. It highlights the company's active engagement in addressing community needs. In FY2023, Panasonic Life Solutions India (HQ) raised over INR 38,000 for charity through this Breakfast fundraising extravaganza. Employees were given the opportunity to vote for their preferred NGO on our internal communication channel. And the maximum number of votes were cast for Happy School. Given the incredible response, we chose to not only support Happy School but also to support the second-most-voted-for NGO, Yatan NGO. We distributed stationery items, donated computer lab equipment, and engaged with underprivileged kids, aiming to provide a memorable experience. In addition, our dedicated employees also engaged with these kids during these activities, making a difference beyond just monetary contributions. We are glad that we could create an impact for two organisations in FY23.

Panasonic Contribution Drive
The "Panasonic Contribution drive" is our CSR employee volunteering initiative in association with Goonj, a renowned non-governmental organization that undertakes disaster relief, humanitarian aid and community development in different parts of India. Goonj focuses on clothing as a basic but unaddressed need. Employees contribute in the form of clothes, shoes, toys and games, stationery items. All these contributions are then collected and sent to the Goonj, what sets this initiative apart is that Panasonic employees actively participate in the contribution process, by personally visiting the Goonj to deliver the contributions and learn about their impactful work. In FY2023, employees contributed more than 180kgs of clothes along with other materials such as toys & games, books etc.

Panasonic Kids Witness News
Panasonic Life Solutions India (PLSIND) introduces the global initiative – Kid Witness News (KWN) in India. As the first-of-its-kind initiative in the country, KWN aims to raise awareness about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) among school students. This program focuses on upskilling youth with digital storytelling skills and creating advocates of change.

For FY2024, Panasonic Life Solutions India has partnered with five leading schools in the Delhi NCR region: Lancers International School, Heritage Xperiential Learning School, Shalom Hills International School, Lotus Valley International School, and Scottish High International. Beginning April 25th, Panasonic conducted KWN workshops in these schools, providing state-of-the-art Panasonic Lumix cameras and other equipment to participating students.

With these tools, students will be able to bring their thoughts on SDGs to life, expand their understanding of global issues, and positively impact society through their creative projects. From the various entries, one video will be selected from India to be showcased at Panasonic’s Kid Witness News Global Summit, where it will compete in a global contest later in the year.

Through the Kid Witness News program, Panasonic Life Solutions India is committed to empowering the next generation of storytellers and changemakers, inspiring a sustainable future.

For more information - Kid Witness News - Sustainability - Panasonic Holdings

Tree Plantation Drive – CSR Volunteering
We continue to make consistent efforts towards a sustainable and greener future. Panasonic’s Industrial Devices Division team members got together and planted 100 medicinal plant saplings of different varieties in 'air pots' at the Heartfulness Institute, Zonal Centre, Jaipur as part of a tree plantation drive organized by our CSR team in collaboration with Heartfulness Institute.

Panasonic’s Eco Relay initiative for a sustainable India
Under the umbrella of Panasonic Eco Relay, Panasonic Life Solutions India organized a tree plantation project in Daulatpur. This area is being developed by the Delhi Government as an educational and eco-tourism site for the entire Southwest Delhi region, home to 48 government schools and over 15,000 children. The project aims to generate livelihood within local communities in nursery management, plantation, and aftercare. In partnership with the Heartfulness Institute, Panasonic's key objective is to revive endangered species and foster a sustainable ecosystem for future generations. Saplings will initially be planted across an acre of land and maintained to ensure their growth. This initiative will enhance biodiversity, educate students and local villagers, create livelihood opportunities, and combat pollution by offsetting carbon emissions.

Through Panasonic’s Eco Relay program, Panasonic strives to inspire and empower individuals and communities to contribute towards a greener and more sustainable world. The Panasonic Group is globally committed to the decarbonization of society through the Panasonic Green Impact initiative. By 2050, the Group aims to reduce CO2 emissions by more than 300 million tons, equivalent to about 1% of current global emissions. The Green Impact campaign targets Gen Z and millennials, highlighting Panasonic’s dedication to building a sustainable future and encouraging individuals to be change agents.

For more information - Panasonic ECO RELAY for Sustainable Earth (