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Customized Sleep Profile

Sleep Peacefully without midnight chills

Miraie enables enhanced flexibility as it allows users to schedule hourly temperature to eliminate midnight chills. Users can also create different temperature profiles for weekdays and weekends.
Customized Sleep Profile

7-in-1 Convertible AC

While Panasonic Inverter Air Conditioners are truly auto convertible, there is a provision to manually adjust the AC for up to 7 stages of cooling performance ranging from 45% to more than 100%, this can be done via Converti7 button on the remote or on the Miraie app
7-in-1 Convertible AC

Eco-Tough Casing

The outdoor unit of Panasonic ACs is made of special "superdyma" material casing from Japanese steel that safeguards it from tough weather condition. Panasonic designs its products to be user friendly so our customers can use them for a long time with confidence. Exceptionally crafted to resist tough weather conditions like rain, direct sunlight and strong winds.
Eco-Tough Casing

Smart Cooling with AI Mode

AI mode powered by Miraie senses external weather conditions like heat and humidity & automatically manages temperature, mode and fan speed to provide best cooling with optimum power consumption.
Smart Cooling with AI Mode

Crystal Clean

Through defrosting, frosting, cold expansion, and a mechanism to remove all filth that enters the unit, the AC performs self-cleaning with its Crystal Clean feature. The dust particles accumulated in Evaporator / Indoor coil are cleaned by the process & provides better cooling.
Crystal Clean

2-Way Air Swing

This Air conditioner comes with 2-Way Air Swing (Vertical) ensures perfect cooling across the space
2-Way Air Swing

Powerful Mode

As temperatures rise outside, so will indoor temperatures. Being outdoors can keep you uncomfortable and sweaty. But that doesn't mean you have to prolong that discomfort after you set foot indoors. Panasonic air conditioners with POWERFUL mode delivers powerful cooling with strong airflow to cool a room quickly, providing an instant relief during hot days.
Powerful Mode

Shield Blu+ / 100% Copper

Enjoy life long comfort with Panasonic AC that feature 100% pure copper coils for faster heat transfer and resistance to corrosion. Panasonic designs its products to be user friendly so our customers can use them for a long time with confidence. Panasonic air conditioners come with Shield Blu technology, an extra anti-corrosive coating on both the indoor and outdoor unit. This prevents leakage & protects the copper tubing and doubles the life of heat exchangers.
Shield Blu+ / 100% Copper

Hot & Cold

KZ Series air conditioners are perfect for all seasons, offering reliable performance in extreme hot and cold conditions. Designed with local weather in mind, they provide year-round comfort, making them ideal for any climate. Whether it's sweltering heat or freezing cold, trust the KZ Series to keep your environment just right.
Hot & Cold


Photo of CS/CU-KZ24AKYF


  • Heating & Cooling Both

Tonnage Class (TR)

  • 2.0

Model [50Hz]


Cooling Capacity Standard [Min. - Max.] (Btu/h)

  • 21155 [9520 - 23270]

Cooling Capacity Standard [Min. - Max.] (W)

  • 6200 [2790 - 6820]

Heating Capacity Standard [Min. - Max.] (Btu/h)

  • 21500 [9673 - 23645]

Heating Capacity Standard [Min. - Max.] (W)

  • 6300 [2835 - 6930]


  • 4.10

Annual Power Consumption (kWh)

  • 1170.01

Star Rating (★)

  • 3★

Electrical Data

  • Voltage (V-AC)

    • 230
  • Frequency (Hz)

    • 50
  • Phase (Φ)

    • Single Phase
  • Running Current (A)

    • 9.1
  • Power Input, Standard Cooling [Min. - Max.] (W)

    • 1990 [639 - 2686]
  • Power Input, Standard Heating [Min. - Max.] (W)

    • 2000 [500-2500]

Moisture Removal Rate (l/h)

  • 2.3

Moisture Removal Rate (Pt/h)

  • 4.8

Air Circulation (Indoor) (mᵌ/min)

  • 18.5

Air Circulation (Indoor) (ftᵌ/min)

  • 653

Dimensions of the Indoor Unit

  • Length (L) (cm)

    • 107.0
  • Breadth (B) (cm)

    • 23.5
  • Height (H) (cm)

    • 29.0

Dimensions of the Outdoor Unit

  • Length (L) (cm)

    • 82.4
  • Breadth (B) (cm)

    • 29.9
  • Height (H) (cm)

    • 61.9

Noise Level

  • Indoor (H/Q) [dB-A]

    • 47/39
  • Outdoor [dB-A]

    • 56

Net Weight

  • IDU [ODU] (kg)

    • 12[31]
  • IDU [ODU] (lb)

    • 26 [68]

Gross Weight

  • IDU [ODU] (kg)

    • 14[35]
  • IDU [ODU] (lb)

    • 31 [77]


  • R-32

Operating Temp. Range (℃)

  • -7 ~ 52

Operating Volt. Range (V)

  • 145 - 285

Refrigerant Pipe Diameter

  • Liquid Side (cm)

    • Ø0.635
  • Gas Side (cm)

    • Ø1.270

Pipe Extension

  • Chargeless Pipe Length * (m)

    • 7.5
  • Maximum Pipe Length * (m)

    • 15
  • Maximum Elevation Length * (m)

    • 10
  • Additional Refrigerant Gas * (g/m)

    • 20

Power Supply Source

  • Indoor

In The Box

  • Indoor Unit: 1N, Outdoor Unit: 1N, Remote: 1N, AAA Batteries: 2N, User Manual: 1N

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