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  • Inverter Technology


Washing Machine IOT Features

• Seamless onboarding of Washing Machine in Mobile App and Organize devices across rooms
• Displays below information in Mobile App
• Washing Machine Online / Offline status
• Current Wash Status (Soaking, Washing, Rinsing, Spinning, Drying, Done), Chosen cycle & Remaining time
• If delayed start timer is programmed, then display the time to start the wash
• Notifications of wash cycle completion
• Login using mobile number

• Program to delayed start of wash cycle (Time remaining to start wash, Cancel, Start Now, Change delayed time to earlier / later)
• Create multiple custom programs and mark multiple programs as favorites

• Display pending alarms and a diagnose mode to help users to give more details and remedy to fix the problems
• Usage Analytics (Hours of Usage)
• Wash Wizard that can recommend a wash program with customized parameters based on weather condition, cloth types and soil level.
• eWarranty and Service request
• Recommendation for best time to wash clothes based on external weather condition to optimize energy consumption

Insights to users (Nudges)
• Reminders with instructions to perform cleaning operations (drain filter, drum and lint filter)
• Recommendation of drum self clean once in every 60 washes

Virtual Assistants
• Support for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
• Supports English and Hindi utterances
• Power Status, Start/Stop Wash cycle, Program wash cycle, Query Wash Status, Drum Self Clean, Child Lock


Photo of NA-148MF1L01
  • Auto PowerAuto Power
  • Sensor fault alarmSensor fault alarm
  • Child lockChild lock
  • CommunicationCommunication
  • Start delayStart delay

Total capacity(kg)

  • 8kg

Rated Voltage and Frequency

  • 220-240v/50Hz

Motor Type

  • Inverter BLDC


  • BEE


  • 1400

Noise Level

  • 59dB**

No of prog

  • 59dB**

Item Weight

  • 68kg

Product Dimensions(mm)

  • 595x565x850

Loading Dimensions(mm)

  • 680x660x875

Loading Quantity(40HQ)

  • 159

Other Features

  • • 5* Energy Rated
    • Inverter
    • Active Foam system
    • Gentle Hand wash
    • Hexa cube Drum
    • Brisk Wash
    • Pause N Add
    • 16 Programs
    • 5 Temperature Settings(20-30-40-60-90℃)
    • 99.9% Bacteria Elimination
    • 25% less time
    • Pre Wash
    • My Cycle
    • Big Display
    • Tub Clean
    • Mute Wash
    • Auto Restart
    • Child Lock
    • 10 Year Warranty*

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