Panasonic ACs committed to ensure Healthier Homes; inhibits 99% bacteria, viruses and PM2.5 particles

We are living in unprecedented times, with the pandemic impacting everyone’s health and well-being. Consumer Insights tell us that many people have undertaken home improvement projects, invested in technology with a focus on how to make their homes safe from bacteria and viruses. At Panasonic, we have always believed that wellness begins at home. With work from home, stay at home becoming the new normal, there is a rising need for better indoor air quality. Keeping that in mind, Panasonic - a leading diversified technology company, with an expertise of over 60 years of manufacturing Air Conditioners, has introduced innovative technologies like nanoe™ X and nanoe-G in their products. Panasonic ACs have been designed for Healthier Homes using innovative technologies to offer – Convenience (Miraie – a connected ecosystem), Safety (nanoe™X and nanoe™G), Comfort (Twin Cool INV, ECONAVI and Jetstream) and Durability (an extra, anticorrosive – Shield-Blu tech., ecoTOUGH,). 

Indoor Air Quality
In the past, for Air conditioners, people used to consider cooling performance and energy efficiency on the top of their agenda and then these products became smarter with integration of connectivity and sensors. Now people expect Air conditioners to not only cool or purify, but also provide a safe Indoor Air Quality. And hence our latest range of Air Conditioners (ACs) under the U & HU series is enabled with nanoe™X.

With advancements into various proprietary technologies into air conditioning, for many years, Panasonic has worked towards improving Indoor Air Quality which is about inhibiting bacteria, viruses, allergens, pollens, moulds which are not visible to naked eye and have specific characteristics. As we know that viruses, bacteria, mould, allergens are adhered on surfaces and suspended in the air, meaning that they float in the air apart from being on surfaces. And it is not necessary that they will get caught in the air filter of the air conditioner to get neutralized. And this is what some of the solutions available in the market are about. Therefore, we have introduced a technology that also inhibits bacteria and viruses that are suspended in the air and on the surface.

How does the nanoe™X and nanoe™G technology work:
nanoeX™ , the original ionizer to generate “nano-sized atomized water particles” is a patented technology by Panasonic. It has been successfully tested at Texcell Laboratory, France and proven to inhibit bacteria and viruses. nanoeX™ is an electrostatic atomization technology, that collects invisible moisture in the air and applies high voltage to it to produce “hydroxyl (OH) radicals contained in water. It generates 4.8 trillion OH Radicals per second which attach themselves to adhered and airborne bacteria & viruses and inhibits them. Further, it has been verified that “hydroxyl radicals contained in water” have a long life because they are contained in water and this makes their effects far-reaching.

Three step process: (use this as an insert table in the article)

  1. nanoeX™ reliably reaches virus
  2. OH Radicals transform virus proteins
  3. Virus is inhibited

Panasonic’s “hydroxyl radicals contained in water” theory has been researched and developed for more than 20 years.

Similarly, the nanoe™G technology works on the principle of ionizer technology for the air purification. nanoe™G charges dust particles with negative electricity and catches them. The air conditioner uses a suction airflow to draw in dust and collect it in an air filter. For as long as the air conditioner is active, the air in the room is being constantly cleaned.

And we are extremely proud to state that Panasonic India will be one of the frontrunners in providing this technology in its Air conditioners.

Connected & Convenient
Panasonic’s Smart ACs also come with new-age connected technology to further ensure connected living. Panasonic forayed into Connected Living Solutions spaces with the launch of Miraie platform - to empower everyday lives of our consumers. Panasonic’s Miraie uses new age technologies such as IoT & AI to recognize usage patterns and suggest optimal modes, extending the best comfort for users. For instance, Panasonic’s Connected range of ACs ie, Miraie-enable or, Smart ACs has intelligent and unique features such as the customized sleep mode to enable enhanced flexibility as it allows users to pre-set temperatures profiles through the night for comfort. For example, you can set sleep profiles for your Panasonic Miraie Air Conditioner, setting different temperatures as per your convenience throughout the time that you’re asleep, so that you enjoy a comfortable sleep, without having to wake up in the middle of the night to switch off your AC.

Panasonic ACs further ensure Comfort through superior cooling via Twin Cool INV (Faster cooling even at 52°C, ECONAVI (Human Activity Sensor, Dual Sensor offers comfort with Energy Savings) and Jetstream technologies (Powerful Cooling, 45 Feet Reach Airflow). Additionally, Durability is assured through Shield-Blu, SuperDyma ODU and ecoTOUGH technology. Shield-Blu technology, Anti-Corrosion Plating, Anti-Corrosion Coat further protects Evaporator against corrosion from air, water and other corrosive elements thus, ensuring longevity for ACs in the coastal region. These ACs have been designed to withstand high voltage surges and can work seamlessly across a voltage range of 145V-285V. These aesthetically crafted Panasonic AC’s are available in Advance and Arch series facia.

At Panasonic, we are driven by the vision of creating healthy indoor spaces and environments, and the development of nanoe™ X and nanoe™G is a breakthrough innovation that has set new benchmarks towards this endeavour. Consumers can experience the new range of Panasonic ACs, across all Panasonic partners’ retail outlets & their online portals in Sri Lanka.