Panasonic Expands its Refrigerator Lineup with All-New Made-in-India range, Featuring Innovative Bottom Mounted design

  • New refrigerator models, under the Prime Convertible series, comprise of – Bottom Mounted range (400 & 450 liters) and a frost-free (260 liters) model.
  • Bottom Mounted range features Panasonic’s Prime Fresh technology that helps – save cooking time, flexi-expandable storage, and flexi-modes of operation.

New Delhi, 07 September 2023: Panasonic Life Solutions India (PLSIND), a leading diversified technology company, unveiled its latest line-up of Made-in-India refrigerators. The new range of refrigerators, under Panasonic’s proprietary Prime Convertible series, comes with higher capacities and upgraded features like a bottom-mounted freezer where the freezer compartment is situated at the bottom of the refrigerator offering convenient storage and easy access to vegetables and fruits in the fridge compartment. The new Prime Convertible bottom-mounted refrigerators are available with net capacities of 401 and 357 litres at a starting price of INR 55,490. In addition, Panasonic has also launched today a budget-friendly 260-litre frost-free refrigerator with an accessible price point starting from INR 23,490. The new range is available across all Panasonic brand shops, Panasonic's D2C platform (, major retail outlets across the country, and popular e-commerce portals.

Panasonic Expands its Refrigerator Lineup with All-New Made-in-India range, Featuring Innovative Bottom Mounted design

The new bottom-mounted range comes with an electronic display and control panel for easy operations and a special Prime Fresh Zone in the fridge compartment. It has flexi expandable storage that can convert both prime fresh zone and the freezer into fridge mode increasing the storage space for vegetables and food items. Its Flexi multi-mode operation gives the convenience of running two Prime Fresh modes simultaneously in the Prime Fresh Zone and Freezer thereby saving more time.

Commenting on the launch Fumiyasu Fujimori, Managing Director, Panasonic Marketing India, PLSIND said, “At Panasonic, we develop products in line with consumer insights and our latest syndicated survey highlights that among those who are facing concerns with their refrigerator, 92% have claimed difficulty in storing food for longer duration followed by 86% of them being worried about food not being able to retain nutrients. Among the Indian consumers who are facing issues related to defrosting, 58% of them are concerned about the loss of taste, nutrients and freshness and are facing difficulty in cutting frozen meat items. 54% also highlighted challenges related to de-frosting stored food. They are looking for refrigerators that enable them to store raw or cooked food items for a longer duration while retaining freshness, nutrients and lower time to defrost raw food products.”

“Based on the identified consumer concerns, we have engineered and designed our new range of refrigerators in India featuring our advanced proprietary technologies that alleviate the everyday hassle of our consumers. And I am delighted to share that these refrigerators have been manufactured in India, exemplifying Panasonic's commitment to the Make in India agenda. With this launch we are aiming for a double-digit growth in the refrigerator segment in FY2023-24,” Mr. Fujimori further added.

Panasonic Expands its Refrigerator Lineup with All-New Made-in-India range, Featuring Innovative Bottom Mounted design

Mr. Sandeep Sehgal, Director – Home Appliances, Panasonic Life Solutions India, “Aligned with the identified consumer habits, we addressed their primary concerns related to prolonged freshness, preserving nutrients and easy defrosting with our state-of-the-art Prime Convertible technology. This innovative technology serves as a culinary companion, optimizing cooking time while retaining the delectable flavour of food items. Unlike conventional refrigerators, our new large-capacity bottom-mounted refrigerators have been designed keeping in mind the evolving lifestyles of Indian consumers, with a particular emphasis on maintaining spinal health. The Prime Fresh technology comes with 4 advanced time-saving modes - Tiffin Fresh, Pro-marinate, Instafresh, and Prochill to make cooking faster, make food delicious and store food ultra fresh for 7 days. These features have been captured in our digital marketing campaign too which is going live across our social platforms today.”

In addition, the series features a premium finish and a new minimalistic design available in diamond black color. With AI Econavi technology and a 6-speed Inverter compressor, these refrigerators optimize the fridge temperature in real time by monitoring internal and ambient temperature, compressor rotation speed, and door open-close pattern. This efficient system saves up to 10% of energy while preserving the freshness and nutrients of the food. The AG Clean Technology ensures 99.9% bacteria and mold elimination, keeping the food fresh and healthy. It comes with a 3-year comprehensive warranty which is the highest in the Refrigerator industry and 10 years on the Compressor.

Panasonic Expands its Refrigerator Lineup with All-New Made-in-India range, Featuring Innovative Bottom Mounted design

Budget-friendly, Frost-free refrigerator (260 litres)
Along with the Prime Convertible bottom-mounted refrigerator range, Panasonic has also launched a budget-friendly option – a 260-litre frost-free refrigerator that combines essential features with an accessible price point starting from INR 23,490. This addition allows Panasonic to cater to a wider range of consumers, offering quality refrigeration solutions that suit various budgets and requirements.

The refrigerator features comprise AI ECONAVI with 7 sensors, a surround airflow cooling system, toughed glass shelves, a 6-speed Inverter compressor, AG clean technology, LED lighting, Ice Tray with a double Twist, and comes in multiple color variants Electric Grey, Ocean Blue, Harnel Floral Blue, etc. It also comes with a 1-yr comprehensive and 10-year warranty on the compressor.

These refrigerators can be purchased from here.

*Panasonic Life Solutions India had introduced its prime convertible technology with prime fresh modes early this year. The prime fresh mode comprises of:

  • Pro-Marinate: Shortens the marination time with Pro-Marinate mode. Food gets marinated quicker with better flavor absorption, making it juicier and tastier.
  • Insta Cook: Cook without defrosting the frozen food, thus reducing the preparation time. This mode also keeps food fresh and preserves taste for up to 7 day
  • Tiffin Fresh: Helps retain the taste and freshness of food. Using Panasonic’s Tiffin Fresh mode consumers can pre-cook meals and store them completely fresh for upto 6 days
  • Pro-Chill: Designed for foods like slushes and smoothies. This mode lets you enjoy the rich texture in which they are to be consumed-ultra chilled and ultra quick

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