Panasonic KAIROS with format-free canvas technology & PHV Series LED Display to redefine video production possibilities

Panasonic KAIROS with format-free canvas technology & PHV Series LED Display to redefine video production possibilities

• PHV Series features an ultra-sharp LED display series, that uses an Active LED display with a refresh rate of 7,860Hz, features 1000-1500 nits high brightness, and a 10-bit Color depth
• PHV series enables - Hyper Realistic Environments, Dynamic Virtual Interactions, and HDR-High Dynamic Range

Mumbai, 9th October 2023: Panasonic System Solutions (SSD) – the business division of a leading diversified technology company, Panasonic Life Solutions India (PLSIND) today announced the new PHV Series, an ultra-sharp Active LED display technology that helps accentuate the potential of KAIROS*. Launched at the “Broadcast India Show” in Mumbai, the PHV series enables broadcasters to redefine the possibilities of virtual production and create a format-free canvas to amplify video production. The advanced display platform comprises multiple features low scan and high frame rate capabilities. This display technology empowers filmmakers and new-age content creators to seamlessly blend the realms of technology and imagination to enable virtual application such as (XR/VR/AR). 

The PHV Series’ Active LED display supports a 7,860Hz refresh rate and features 1000-1500 nits high brightness with a 10-bit Color depth which is a valuable feature in filmmaking for achieving accurate Color reproduction, reducing artefacts, and enhancing the overall visual content quality. Additionally, the Active LED Display supports grey-level enhancement, HDR10 compatibility, and a power-saving mode. Thus, contributing to increased image realism and smoother Color transitions, ultimately improving the viewing experience for audiences. It the designed for full front dismantling and assembly with 45-degree cut corners and flexible module splicing. 

Vijay Wadhawan, Divisional Director, System Solutions Division, Panasonic Life Solutions India commented, “Rise in demand for digital content and streaming services is reshaping how content is created, distributed, and consumed. Panasonic is one of the pioneers in this space providing end-to-end solution ranging from state-of-the-art cameras to 4K/IP production using KAIROS and 4K high quality LED display. These solutions can be customised as per enterprise’s needs to support varied formats and interfaces offering unparalleled flexibility and user friendliness.”
“KAIROS coupled with PHV series Active LED technology is an upgrade to our solutions portfolio. It is an ideal solution for broadcast & media professionals looking to move to a next-generation IT/IP-centric platform delivering unlimited production creativity, regardless of format or content destination. Designed to enable storytellers to minimize uncertainty, the solution facilitates accurate framing of camera. With KAIROS-enabled format-free canvas display, scenes no longer need to be constrained by location or time, thereby, enabling broadcasters to ease the production constraint. The addition of Ultra-Sharp Active LED display strengthens our broadcast and professional solutions portfolio providing a comprehensive solution for Live events, Smart studios, (Gaming and esports) and Video Production houses,” Mr. Wadhawan added.

Alongside the PHV Series, Panasonic has also launched the All-In-One (AIO) LED Wall, which comes withPicture-in-Picture mode offering a user-friendly feature that enhances usability by allowing users to work with multiple sources of content simultaneously. The Active LED Display and AIO LED Wall both hold IPX certifications, primarily engineered for exceptional durability and resilience against wear and impact, be it from water exposure or harsh environmental conditions. 

PHV displays offer the ability to customize and fine-tune the Color gamut, a highly beneficial feature for a professional-grade LED screen. This capability ensures the recreation of nearly every Color found in the natural world, thereby expanding the spectrum of Color expression. These displays are well-suited for a diverse array of applications in which the quality and precision of Color reproduction are critical.

Panasonic KAIROS with format-free canvas technology & PHV Series LED Display to redefine video production possibilities

Key features of Panasonic PHV Series’ Ultra-Sharp LED 
 Hyper Realistic Environments
: Virtual display is ushering in a new era of immersive and realistic experiences that transcend traditional forms of media. It has the potential to revolutionize various industries, including entertainment, education, healthcare, and more, by offering unprecedented levels of realism and interactivity 
• Dynamic Virtual interaction: By seamlessly blending the digital and physical worlds, actors can engage with XR surroundings in a way that enriches their performances and captivates audiences, opening up new frontiers in the art of storytelling
• HDR-High Dynamic Range image: Enhances the representation of real-world visual effects by capturing a wider range of brightness and detail
• 16-bit greyscale for an abundant picture: Inadequate grey scale control, which frequently occurs due to insufficient current precision, can result in distorted images, which are especially visible during circular grey scale diffusion.
• Ultra-high Color Depth: To enhance the quality of visual reproduction during the filming process, a higher display bit depth is essential for more intricate color representation. PHV Series exhibits up to 1000 nits brightness and is capable of receiving and processing 10-bit color bit depth input.
• Color Matrix for Immersive Excellence: PHV possesses real-time rendering capabilities, fostering seamless synergy between the screen and filming device. The Active LED Display offers precise directional color adjustments, ensuring an immersive visual experience without impacting the display of other colors, delivering a captivating visual feast.

*KAIROS – Panasonic’s unique, IT/IP video processing platform, launched in India in 2022 offers complete input and output flexibility, aims at significantly reducing the operational costs for broadcasters and the content creation industry

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