Panasonic’s 2024 Young Parents Everyday Life Concerns Study Results:

Navigating Modern Parenthood; Indian Millennials Grapple with Balancing Appliances, Tradition and Tech Challenges

  • Almost 60% are worried about healthier lifestyles and food habits along with Hygiene, reveals Panasonic Young Parents Everyday Life Concerns Study
  • More than one-third of participants highlight high energy consumption leading to increasing electricity bill constraints
  • The study highlights the need to dispel safe indoor vs. outside air quality myths

New Delhi, 16 May 2024: Panasonic Life Solutions India (PLSIND), a leading diversified technology company, released a unique study today that captures the everyday life concerns of young Indian parents. The study surveyed more than 1500 young parents across eight markets, including Metros and mini metros, and examined the relationship and satisfaction quotient of Young Indian Parents with their appliances, including Air Conditioners, Washing Machines, Refrigerators and Microwaves.

With the world moving towards healthier lifestyles and informed food habits, optimum hygiene maintenance is non-negotiable; a whopping 60% shared their struggle for the same. Within this, 70% of respondents from Chennai raised concern over healthier lifestyles and healthy food habits. More than half of the participants mentioned energy consumption, maintenance, and durability of their appliances as causes of concern. The rising electricity bills, high maintenance costs, and durability of their appliances are leading to increased spending.

Fumiyasu Fujimori, Managing Director, Panasonic Marketing India, Panasonic Life Solutions India said, “Being a consumer-centric organisation, our comprehensive study spotlights evolving needs of young Indian parents, their concerns and priorities when it comes to making decisions for purchasing appliances. The recent findings underscore the critical need for appliances that help get the lifestyle basics right while ensuring energy efficiency and durability. In our pursuit of creating innovative appliances at Panasonic, we are committed to developing cutting-edge solutions that cater to the holistic well-being of young families, ensuring a harmonious blend of Technology in everyday life. We are proud that our appliances are well-equipped with new innovations and latest features such as Sleep Profile in Air Conditioners, Prime Fresh in Refrigerators and Kizukai Wash in our Washing Machines*. We promise the young parents a worry-free and healthy lifestyle without compromising hygiene.”

*More details are below on these features.

The 2024 Panasonic Young Parents Everyday Life Concerns Study

Air Conditioners
Young parents aspire to live a healthy lifestyle but are unaware of the worsening indoor air quality and associated consequences!

The young parents in the surveyed data, comprising 60%, expressed concerns over the lack of healthier lifestyles, food habits and hygiene levels. However, the majority are unaware of the worsening indoor air quality and its impact on health.

The young parents in the surveyed data, comprising 44%, express concerns about ventilation and noise related to their air conditioning systems. A substantial worry, with 85% of respondents, revolves around the maintenance and energy efficiency aspects of the appliance. This highlights a keen awareness among young parents about the need for optimal performance and cost-effectiveness. Moreover, 57% of participants indicated concerns related to connectivity, emphasizing the growing importance of smart features in modern air conditioning units. These insights underline young parents' multifaceted considerations when dealing with AC-related issues, extending beyond basic cooling functionality to encompass broader aspects of efficiency and technological integration.

Washing Machines should come with features for washing infant/kids' clothing

A significant 69% of respondents express concerns related to baby care, indicating a pronounced emphasis on the appliance's role in maintaining cleanliness and hygiene for infants. Products with antibacterial features seem to be preference. Energy consumption is another focal point, with 57% of participants highlighting their worries about the environmental impact and cost associated with operating washing machines. Interestingly, connectivity emerges as a noteworthy factor, especially in Bengaluru (BLR), where 90% of respondents express concerns compared to 47% in other cities. This stark difference underscores the tech-savvy nature of the urban population in Bengaluru, emphasizing a higher demand for smart features and interconnected appliances in this region compared to others.

Consumers expect Refrigerators with Technology that maintain freshness, nutrition, and storage for a comparatively longer time

The study reflects the priorities and apprehensions of young parents regarding refrigerators. A substantial 70% of respondents express concerns about freshness, nutrition, and storage, underlining their focus on preserving the quality and health aspects of stored food. Maintenance and energy efficiency are also significant considerations, with 51% of participants highlighting worries related to these aspects, indicating a desire for reliable and cost-effective appliances. Connectivity, while a concern for 32% of respondents, emerges as a less dominant factor compared to freshness and maintenance. This suggests that while there is a growing interest in smart features, the core functionalities related to food preservation and operational efficiency remain paramount for young parents when it comes to refrigerators.

Panasonic promises to deliver on the expectations of Young Indian Parents

Panasonic offers best-in-class appliances with advanced technology and superior features for young parents to help them navigate Modern Parenthood.

  • Panasonic Washing Machines have features such as Kizukai technology (Japanese for gentle care and kindness) which takes care of delicate clothes such as baby clothes, and embroidered clothes to name a few. Built-in Heater with StainMaster+ technology further helps remove bacteria and stubborn stains. The ECONAVI technology helps you track your water and energy consumption for each wash cycle and can be analysed it through Miraie.
  • Panasonic Refrigerators with Prime Fresh technology help – save cooking time, flexi-expandable storage, and flexible-modes of operation addressing top concerns of prolonged freshness, nutrient retention, and adequate storage needs. The Prime Fresh Mode includes Pro-Marinate, Insta Cook, Tiffin Fresh, and Pro-Chill modes, preserving food freshness for up to 7 days while retaining nutrients and flavour. Additionally, AI Econavi sensors and Inverter technology in refrigerators maximize energy savings, aligning with their desire for efficiency.
  • Panasonic Air Conditioners are designed for present day, smart homes featuring India’s first Matter-enabled Room Air Conditioners (RACs) powered by Miraie.7-in-1 convertible modes and AI functionality, ECONAVI to name a few combat power consumption concerns, while technologies such as Twin Cool Inverter, Jetstream, Converti7 (7 different cooling performance modes) Aerowings and 4-Way Inflow and nanoe-X, nanoe-G technologies promise not just cooling but a cleaner and more hygienic indoor environment. These technologies ensure healthy indoor AQI by eliminating PM 2.5 particulate matter dust particles and inhibiting the growth of bacteria, and viruses. Integrated with the Miraie platform, Panasonic's Sleep Profile recognizes sleep patterns and personalizes the AC settings for perfect sleep. Panasonic air conditioners dynamically adjust to your sleep pattern to ensure undisturbed sleep and thus, better well-being.


*Participants of the study are non-Panasonic owners.

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