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Fotoattēla KX-TU400


Display Type : TFT
Brightness 250 cd/m2
Size : 2.4 inches
Resolution 320*240 pixels
Date and Time : YES
Language : 21 Languages
Default Language : Auto
GSM Signal Level Indicator : YES
Battery Level Indicator : YES
LED LED Light 72~285mcd
Key Illumination : 70~100LM
Network specifications GSM GSM900/1800
SIM SIM Card Compatibility N/A
SIM Application Tool YES
Dual SIM Available Single SIM
GSM related functions including Supplementary Service Call Barring YES
Call Forwarding YES
Call Waiting YES
Multi Party Call YES
Messages SMS YES
Concatenated SMS N/A
Cell Broadcast YES
SMS Mail Box YES
Text Entry Method YES
Voice Mail YES
Voice mail Notification YES
Default voice mail number : YES
Security PIN Lock YES
Phone Lock YES
Key Lock NO
Operating Time Stand-by Time 450H
Talk Time 4H
Size Dimension 103*53*20mm
Weight 106g with battery
(87g without battery)
General Function Speaker Phone YES
Priority Call YES
GPS Function to Notify Location Data NO
Predial YES
Redial YES
Auto Redial YES
Incoming Call Restriction YES
Mute YES
Hold YES
Call Log YES
Call Duration Indication YES
Any Key Answer YES
Auto Talk NO
Open to Talk YES
Proportional Font NO
Dedicated One Touch Dialling Button NO
Summer time YES
Contrast Setting : NO
LED Status Indicator YES
Vibration YES
Calendar YES
Bluetooth YES,BT3.0
Hearing Aid Compatible NO
Voice Recording NO
Remote Sound Monitoring NO
Audio Reciever Volume Control YES
Speaker Phone Volume Control YES
Ringer Volume Control YES
Selectable Ringing Tone YES
Night Mode NO
Step-up Ringing Tone NO
Recordable Customized Ringer NO
Frequency Control Equalizer NO
Key tone YES
Audible Dialling YES
Caller ID Readout YES
Noise Reduction NO
Activation and Deactivation Melody YES
LCD Proportional Font NO
LCD Brightness Control YES
Automatic LCD Brightness Control NO
Multi LCD Background Colour NO
Wallpaper YES
Multi Size Font YES
Phone Book Phonebook YES
Multi Entry Phonebook 300
Phonebook Copy YES
Speed Dial YES
Fixed Dial YES
Service Dial YES
Top 3 contacts NO
Alarm Alarm YES
Memo Alarm NO
Others Strap Hole NO
Shock Resistant NA