Panasonic D70BT DAB radio/CD player: stylish, versatile and easy to use

Frankfurt, Germany, 18th February 2019 – Panasonic announces the launch of the sumptuously styled RX-D70BT DAB radio. As well as FM and DAB+ tuners, this highly versatile radio fulfills the role of the modern-day music centre by playing CDs and embracing cutting-edge wireless streaming of music and podcasts via Bluetooth. It also has USB and AUX inputs to ensure compatibility with smartphones, tablets, PCs and a host of legacy audio equipment.

The D70BT delivers high quality sound from a compact body and is easy to operate thanks to its large, clear dot matrix display and plentitude of ergonomically designed buttons.

A triumph of contemporary design, the D70BT will look special on any sideboard or elsewhere in any room interior. It  cleverly sports a built-in handle and can be battery powered, allowing users to enjoy listening to their favourite musical content anywhere they go.

Perfect for everyday use, the D70BT combines portability, operating ease, a stylish design and playback of a wide range of sources and formats.


Sumptuous dot matrix display combined with generous provision of 10 key buttons provide optimum visibility and usability
The front panel of the D70BT features a large, clearly visible dot matrix scrolling display. When listening to music, a glance at the screen quickly and easily tells the listener information such as the genre, name of the artist, song title and album name as well as the station name and any other visual information sent by the radio station using RDS.

Rather than a menu-reliant operating system, which can be complex and time-consuming, the D70BT’s front panel features buttons for quickly and easily selecting, playing and skipping through tracks or radio stations. The buttons can also be used to store up to 60 radio station presets (FM 30 and DAB 30 stations). While with CDs, individual tracks (up to number 99) can be easily selected simply by selecting the track number and pressing play. The buttons are a decent size and protrude slightly with diagonally sloping edges, making them ideal for fingers to build traction and press.

Square, modern design
With its chic finish and stylish front panel, the square form D70BT sports a modern, minimalistic design perfect for countless room interiors. The louvered structure of the front panel is designed to deliver the sound directly from the speaker resulting in a stylish design that doesn’t sacrifice sound quality. And at just W310 x H128 x D205mm in size, it can be located almost anywhere, even in cramped places.

Built-in handle for enhanced portability
The D70BT can run on regular D-sized batteries and has a built-in handle for easy carrying. With fully charged batteries the D70BT offers an impressive five hours of use, giving the user the freedom to enjoy their favourite music wherever they like whether it’s the kitchen, living room, home office and  even outdoors, in the garden or on a picnic.


Compatibility with a wide range of audio sources including CD, Bluetooth, AUX, and USB
In addition to supporting radio broadcasting such as FM and DAB+, the D70BT can play a plethora of popular audio sources including CDs, Bluetooth, USB and AUX. Such diverse compatibility means users can enjoy listening to their music without being restricted by the audio source. Whether their music is stored on a PC, smartphone, tablet, external drive or they prefer to stream wirelessly using an app, the chances are the versatile D70BT will play it.

Clock, Sleep function and a highly versatile Play Timer
The D70BT comes with a Play Timer that automatically plays content at a specific time every day or just on set days of the week. In addition to the Sleep function, the audio source and volume can also be set in advance, so listeners can enjoy their favourite songs without tedious setting or tuning every time.


The best things for both eyes and ears come in small packages
Despite its diminutive dimensions, the D70BT has been cleverly designed to produce a richly detailed sound. It boasts two 8 cm-wide full-range speakers at either side, which are shielded to suppress external noise. These are complemented by a bass reflex port at the back which enables the D70BT to reproduce strong bass sound. The result is clear, high-quality sound from a compact unit.

Enhanced vocals with Clear mode dialogue
The radio boasts a handy Clear mode dialogue which enhances vocal sound from the front speaker and makes dialogue much clearer for ease of listening. Likely to be most appreciated by older users who have diminished hearing this function is particularly helpful when dialogue is hard to decipher.

Bass Sound Mode – a real ace of bass
The D70BT has a Bass button for those moments that call for a powerful sound. Simply pressing the button pumps out the bass by amplifying low frequencies and lets the listener change the audio emphasis to their musical taste or to suit the mood.  

Preset Equaliser
The D70BT’s Preset Equaliser incorporates five modes – Flat, Heavy, Soft, Clear and Vocal – allowing the listener to fine tune the audio to suit their liking at the touch of a button. These are especially useful for optimising the emphasis to suit the genre or variation in recording emphasis of the music being listened to.

RX-D70BT Key Specifications (SUMMARY)


• Square modern design
• Stylish front panel
• Dot matrix display with white backlight


• Bluetooth
• FM Radio
• DAB+
• Auto Tuning
• Play Timer
• CD Play

Sound features

• 2ch analogue amplifier
• 2+2W (RMS)
• 8cm Full range speaker
• Preset EQ
• Bass Sound

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