Local Warranty in Pakistan

Terms and Conditions:

Panasonic warrants to the original end user of its Panasonic brand products (“Products”), that the Products are free from all defects in workmanship and material defects (if properly used according to user manual).

Terms and conditions for warranty:

1.     The warranty period for the Products is twelve (12) months from the date of purchase mentioned on the purchase invoice.

2.     Panasonic will provide free spare parts and labor charge for the duration of the warranty period.

3.     Warranty applies in Pakistan only, for Products purchased in Pakistan.

4.     Repairs should be carried out at a Panasonic Authorized Service Centers (ASC) only, and purchase must be from an Authorized Panasonic dealer.

5.     This warranty is a carry-in warranty only. Any installation, reinstallation, including transportation cost from site to service center, or vice-versa, is to be borne by customer. All defective Products must be provided to the ASC along with the original purchase invoice and accurately completed warranty card.

6.     For AC Products only- Unit Compressor has a 1 year warranty from date of installation.

This warranty is not valid for:

1.     Consumables, accessories and any cosmetic items (Ex: Cabinet, front panel, rear covers, remote control, etc.).

2.     Any alterations which are made on the original warranty card and Product with damaged/tampered serial number.

3.     Misuse, transportation, electricity fluctuation, short circuit, war or any other disturbance, natural calamities, tamper  or misuse which violate the recommended operating conditions of the machine, or any other external factor beyond the control of manufacturer.

4.     Any maintenance or repair carried out by an individual or unauthorized service center.

5.     If warranty card is not completely and accurately completed, this warranty is invalid.

Important Note:

1.     This warranty covers only repair and return. Only faulty part (s) will be replaced, not Product replacement (unless in limited circumstances at the discretion of ASC and Panasonic).

2.     ASC reserves the rights to judge and refuse service under warranty if the terms and conditions are not followed.

3.     Installation/transportation /demonstration charges are not covered in this warranty.

4.     During warranty period, if a judgment by our ASC is passed for a manufacturing defect, Product will be serviced free of charge.

5.     Neither the ASC nor PANASONIC or any of its affiliates shall be responsible for any delay in the repair service if ASC does not have the stock of the parts necessary for the repair of the Product, and has to order the parts to one of the manufacturer’s overseas factories. Furthermore, neither ASC nor Panasonic shall be liable for the repair service if the requested repair is impossible due to import / export embargoes on the parts necessary for the repair of the Product, and/or other regulations, or other unforeseen circumstances rendering the requested repair impossible.

6.     This warranty is confined to the first purchaser of the Product from an Authorized Dealer only and is non-transferrable.

7.     This warranty shall be subject to the laws of the country of purchase.

8.     This warranty does not provide the right to extension or renewal of the warranty period.

9.     In case of replacement Product, the Product will have the remaining period of the warranty period as that of the original purchase.

10.  Company or its ASC reserves the right to retain any part (s) or components) replaced at its discretion in the event of defect noticed in the equipment during the warranty period.

11.  Any part of the system replaced by the company (at its discretion), shall be with a functionally operative part.

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2383888 / 2383910 99 92+

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2884711 62 92+

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