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Panasonic is a global leader in providing total indoor air quality (IAQ) solutions for both homes and businesses. Our integrated ventilation, air purification and air conditioning systems provide a comfortable air environment to suit your needs.

100 years of experience and achievement as experts in air

Since the production of air fans in 1913 and the sales of the first window-type air conditioning in 1958, Panasonic Air Conditioning has grown to become a globally recognized and celebrated brand and has experience in providing solutions to every kind of customer. In addition to a wealth of experience achieving superior comfort in both residential and commercial applications, Panasonic reaches more than 100 countries.

image: An air conditioning products from fans to the latest air conditioners

Case Studies

Panasonic supplies and installs a wide range of products in various types of residential and commercial buildings such as shops, restaurants, hotels, offices, clinics, and public buildings — helping to create cleaner and more comfortable environments all over the world.

image:Residential and commercial people of all types, including stores, restaurants, hotels, offices, clinics, and public facilities

Superior Quality and Reliability

Panasonic never compromises when it comes to product quality, durability, reliability and safety. To ensure that our products are safe to use, we have an “air quality air conditioning verification room” which is used to imitate a real environment. We have also built the industry’s first “real space sterilization test room” which goes through a quality management test with strict standards.

image:HVAC equipment and infrastructure

Complete Air Solutions

Panasonic doesn’t just limit itself to residential and large scale commercial environment air conditioners. We also provide ventilation and control systems as a total air quality brand. We have created technology that adjusts the air quality and perfection aiming for indoor air quality (IAQ), whilst freely controlling humidity, fragrance, and other air quality issues. Panasonic has enabled our customers to control their air quality within a certain range no matter the conditions outside. Now, we are aiming for an even further improved IAQ by engaging in the research and development in the field of bacteria and deodorizing. Panasonic endeavours to provide fully customisable total air solutions for every application.

image:Various Panasonic air conditioning products and icons(Humidity,Air purifier,Fragrance,Deodorizing,Disinfection,Airflow,Temperature)

Air Purification Technology

nanoe™ X

nanoe™ X technology brings nature’s detergent—hydroxyl radicals—indoors to help create an ideal environment. By creating hydroxyl radicals contained in water, nanoe™ X technology significantly boosts their effectiveness.

A living room overlooking a forest: nanoeX image

Enhancing indoor air quality and reducing CO2 emissions

Total coordination for optimal air quality

Coordinating and operating the temperature control of air conditioners and heat exchange fans, we integrate air purification and humidification systems. We then use CO2 sensors and other sensing devices to optimize total control of your air quality. Through the integration of all these components, energy loss is minimized.

image: An interior view of energy recovery ventilator

Reducing CO2 emissions

Given the rise of global warming and increased air pollution, CO2 emissions from air-conditioning and ventilation systems are expected to increase in the future. To combat this we are making our system components even more energy efficient and promoting total coordination of indoor air quality. Our goal is to reduce CO2 emissions by about 40% below projections for 2030 to maintain 2020 emissions levels.

image:A graph of CO2 emission redictions

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