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Not only flavor, but hospitality too. Here, we present Japanese restaurants in each country where you can experience premium Japanese cuisine.

HIBIKI is a Japanese yakitori restaurant located in Singapore with experience that dates back over 60 years. Yakitori stems from the words ‘yaki,’ meaning grilled, and ‘tori,’ meaning chicken. The word yakitori as taken on a meaning of its own, as any kind of meat or vegetable that is skewered onto sticks put over an open flame can qualify. Usually speaking, you have two choices or either salt or a kind of barbeque sauce called ‘tare,’ but there are various kinds of condiments available in the restaurant to suit your tastes.


Nankotsu: Chicken Cartilage

Tsukune: Chicken Meatball

Yakiton: Grilled Pork

Negima: Chicken and Spring Onion

Teba: Chicken Wing

So what sets HIBIKI apart besides age? Its roots stem from Saitama prefecture and the first restaurant was so good it has since added over 15 more locations to its empire. They turned their sails overseas and in the quiet suburbs of Singapore they established their first international location. There accolades don’t stop there; HIBIKI is famous for their award-winning Hibiki Miso BBQ Sauce that you can taste for yourself at this location or buy online.

If yakitori isn’t your thing, this restaurant isn’t a one-trick pony. They also have a Nabe hotpot that looked good, but we were so full we couldn’t give it a shot. Even if you don’t want to grab dinner here we can promise that you’ll find something by which to be impressed.

They sell Japanese-style boxed lunches as well as their store-made seasonings and award-winning HIBIKI Miso BBQ Sauce at this location. For a more casual dining experience, you should definitely stop by HIBIKI to grab a bite to eat... or two.


The interior melds traditional architecture with modern undertones.

HIBIKI is named after their founder, Bunji Hibiki.

The Nabe hotpot is a popular dish for groups.

Contact Information
TEL +65 6519 6894
833 Bukit Timah Road,
#01-06, Royalville,
Singapore 279887

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