Signature Japanese Dish in HANOI

Not only flavor, but hospitality too. Here, we present Japanese restaurants in each country where you can experience premium Japanese cuisine.

Kiroku is a Japanese restaurant located on the streets of Kimma, near the beautiful Ngoc Khanh Lake in Hanoi, Vietnam. Since opening in 2014, it has had success as a Japanese restaurant in Southeast Asia.

After training in Japanese cuisine in Osaka for a long time, the chef came to Hanoi and married his Vietnamese wife. As a professional chef, he serves only the food that he thinks is delicious adding, “Japanese, American or Vietnamese, if the food is delicious, there is no need to adjust the food for a person.” -an interesting philosophy for a Japanese chef.

Their signature dish is croquette; longtooth grouper and abalone are fan favorites. Abalone can only be found in luxury restaurants, even in Japan, but you can taste it here in Hanoi.

Their sashimi is identical with that found in Japanese restaurants in the heart of Japan. If you’re near Hanoi, take a trip to this restaurant to dine on this yummy, well-prepared Japanese cuisine.


Kiroku croquette.

Longtooth grouper.

Steamed abalone and vegetables.


Japanese teishoku (set meal).

Bar counter at Kiroku.

The interior of Kiroku.

Contact Information
TEL +84 4 3724 7776
36/1 Pham Huy Thong,
Ngoc Khanh, Ba Dình,
Hanoi, Vietnam

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