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Energy Saving 2-door Top Freezer Refrigerator NR-TL381BPKP

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Clean, Safe Meals Every Day with Energy Efficient Refrigerator

Optimal cooling according to your usage saves energy while the double hygiene functions of Ag Clean and Blue Ag keep food inside your fridge hygienic. Enjoy more homemade meals, and give your life peace of mind.
  • Blue Ag
  • Wide Fresh Case
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Cost Saving with Optimum Cooling According to Your Lifestyle

Cost Saving with Optimum Cooling According to Your Lifestyle
AI ECONAVI determines lifestyle patterns of your whole family using its intelligent sensor system, regardless of whether you are in or out of the house. These patterns ensure optimum cooling and energy performance at all times.

Clean Air Surrounds Your Food

Clean Air Surrounds Your Food

Ag Clean keeps the air in the refrigerator clean with a special filter. It deactivates 99.9%* of bacteria and removes odors to keep your food clean and fresh smelling.


*Testing organization: Boken Quality Evaluation Institute. Test strains: Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli. This does not mean diseases caused by these bacteria are prevented. Test method: JIS L 1902 quantitative test (bacteria solution absorption method). Viable bacteria count measurement method: Pour plate culture method. Test results: Antibacterial activity value of 2 or higher, 99.9% bacteria elimination. Depending on the bacteria count and environmental conditions, there is no guarantee the count will not rapidly increase to an unsafe level. Test No.: 003557-1, 003557-2

Prevent Odors Mixing with a Dedicated Compartment

Prevent Odors Mixing with a Dedicated Compartment
The unique Ag Hygiene Zone design to store meat, fish and other strong-smelling items prevents the spread of odors for hygienic storage.

Hygienic Storage with Blue Ag

Hygienic Storage with Blue Ag

Blue Ag keeps the inside of Extra Cool Zone hygienic while eliminating 99.99%* of bacteria. Enjoy healthy meals prepared with clean ingredients.


* Data prepared by Panasonic.

Enjoy the Extra-Cold Delight

The Extra Cool Zone is ideal for cooling drinks or food quickly. The antibacterial cover cools items at approx. 2°C, slightly colder than the regular fridge compartment at approx. 4°C
Enjoy the Extra-Cold Delight

Freshness Storage with Wide Opening

The Wide Fresh Case maintains the ideal 90%* humidity that keeps them crisp fresh longer. Thanks to the flap, it lets you store even large vegetables and fruits easily.

*Data prepared by Panasonic.

Freshness Storage with Wide Opening

Sleek and Minimalist Design

The simple, stylish, and flat look matches the interior of any kitchen. Seamless surfaces from corner to corner also make cleaning easy.
Sleek and Minimalist Design

User-Friendly Storage

1. Twist for ice cubes
2. Flexibility with adjustable shelves
3. 150 kg Tempered Glass Shelves
4. Sliding 1-2 Shelf accommodates tall items
User-Friendly Storage


Photo of Energy Saving 2-door Top Freezer Refrigerator NR-TL381BPKP

Size and Weight


*Please refer to the layout drawing for checking minimum requirement of installation.

  • Ag Clean - Bacteria Deactivation up to 99.9%*Ag Clean - Bacteria Deactivation up to 99.9%*
  • Ag Clean - DeodorizationAg Clean - Deodorization
  • Blue Ag - Bacteria Elimination up to 99.99%*Blue Ag - Bacteria Elimination up to 99.99%*
  • Wide Fresh Case - Ideal HumidityWide Fresh Case - Ideal Humidity

Volume Capacity: 12.9 cu ft (366 L)
Door Material: Steel

Save energy and cost with AI ECONAVI and INVERTER

Always keep the inside of the whole refrigerator clean with Ag Clean

Protect delicate food from bacteria in the Extra Cool Zone with Blue Ag

Enjoy extra-cold delights with Extra Cool Zone

Get plenty of crispy vegetables with Wide Fresh Case


  • Volume Capacity

    • Total
      • 12.9 cu ft (366 L)
    • Refrigerator Compartment (PC)
      • 268 L
    • Freezer Compartment (FC)
      • 98 L
    • Vegetable compartment (VC)
      • -
  • Product Dimensions (WxDxH)

    • 650 x 656 x 1785 mm
  • Defrost Type

    • Electric PCB Control
  • Standard / Regulation

    • PNS IEC 62552:2016, PNS IEC 60335-1:2011, PNS IEC 60335-2-24:2013
  • Energy Consumption

    • 409 kWh/year
  • Product Star Rating

    • 4 Stars
  • Energy Efficiency Rating (EER)

    • 409
  • Net Weight

    • 59 kg
  • Gross Weight

    • 65 kg
  • Voltage

    • 220-240 V
  • Hertz

    • 60 Hz
  • Rated Power Input (W)

    • 80 W
  • Number of Doors

    • 2
  • Door Color

    • Black
  • Door Material

    • Steel
  • Control Panel

    • Yes (Inside of fridge compartment/ Button)


  • Vegetable Storage

    • Vegetable Case (Wide Fresh Case)
  • Special Storage

    • Extra Cool Zone with Blue Ag
  • Door Pockets

    • Yes
  • Height Adjustable Shelves

    • Yes
  • Sliding 1-2 Shelf

    • Yes
  • Shelf Material

    • Tempered Glass
  • Egg Tray

    • Yes
  • Utility Box

    • -
  • Water Dispenser

    • -
  • LED Light

    • Yes
  • Power Control

    • Yes
  • Ag Clean

    • Yes
  • Blue Ag

    • Yes (Extra Cool Zone)


  • Separate Storage

    • Yes (Ag Meat Case)
  • Shelves

    • Yes
  • Sliding 1-2 Shelf

    • -
  • Shelf Material

    • Tempered Glass
  • Automatic Ice Maker

    • -
  • Twist Ice Tray

    • Yes
  • Ice Case/Box

    • Yes
  • Quick Freezing

    • Yes
  • Quick Ice Making

    • Yes
  • Power Control

    • Yes


  • Energy Saving

    • Yes

    • Yes
  • Compressor

    • Inverter
  • Refrigerant

    • R600a
  • Urethane Insulation Cyclopentane

    • Yes
  • Door Alarm

    • -



  • I super love my new Panasonic Ref!

    Large capacity, energy efficient with AI technology and a sleek look to boot. Trusted Japanese brand at its best. Just what my family needs. No wonder so many people are recommending Panasonic online. I hope after-sales service will also be amazing should I need it in the future. For now, I'm very happy with my new ref!

    J Villaraza

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