This year, LUMIX will be celebrating its 20th anniversary. Many people may feel that 20 years is not a very long time for a camera brand. However, the technology that created LUMIX is not limited to 20 years. In the history of over 100 years as the Matsushita Electric Group, we have proposed many products to the world and have always come face to face with our customers. In this milestone year, we would like to think about how LUMIX was born, what LUMIX aimed for, what LUMIX accomplished in the camera industry, which we were the last to enter, and what kind of products we will develop in the future while looking back on our history with all of our customers who love LUMIX.

We would be grateful if you could feel our commitment to technology, our thoughts on the brand and a great sense of expectation and possibilities towards our future products through this column.


Chapter 3 :
Origin of Mirrorless Cameras

Chapter 4 :
Present and Future of LUMIX