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Turn for the Better

Turn for the Better

Made with Ginger Arboleda


Today was just like any other day, but a little different with my new Panasonic Refrigerator with Prime Fresh Freezing. You know what they say – it’s the little things that matter. 

When you’re a mom, you do everything wholeheartedly for your kids and husband. You want to give them the very best. But you can only give when you feel whole and when you love yourself too.

This year, I have made a lot of positive changes in the way I do things. I started decluttering my cabinets and drawers. I started fixing the food I eat. It’s been close to two months now that I’ve been adhering to a plant-based diet. I’ve also started preparing meal plans for Zeeka so she’ll always have a balanced diet. 

Zeeka doesn’t like her baon to be the same every day. But the thing about keeping different options for food is that you need to have the right refrigerator to keep them all fresh and safe to eat.

Turn for the Better

Cooking made easier with Prime Fresh Freezing 

With the Panasonic Refrigerator with Prime Fresh Freezing, food stays softly frozen at -3ºC, not damaging any cells, thus retaining its original freshness for up to 7 days. 

Turn for the Better

Zeeka loving our new refrigerator at home!

Panasonic Refrigerators also have the Ag Clean filter that deactivates 99.9% of mold and bacteria in the fridge. Plus, they have Inverter and ECONAVI technologies! Inverter ensures that we get optimized cooling performance yet allows us to save energy while ECONAVI enables us to save energy efficiently with uninterrupted comfort through its high-precision sensors that automatically adjust the cooling power. This means that the refrigerator saves more energy versus standard Inverter refrigerators! 

The refrigerator also makes me more efficient because I know exactly where things are. Zeeka also knows where to get her treats, without having to bug me to look for them inside the fridge. This is because the fridge has perfectly-sized compartments so she knows exactly where things are.

Turn for the Better

Every mealtime is a fun bonding time at home with my Zeeka

And the most amazing feature of the Panasonic Prime Fresh Refrigerator is that it helps me cook faster and get more sleep – sans the need to thaw meat. I usually wake up at 4:30 am to thaw meat inelegantly by dipping sealed meat into a container of water. Now, I just place it inside the Prime Fresh compartment, and its ready for cooking whenever I’m ready. I get to sleep at least 30 minutes more every day! 

This Panasonic Prime Fresh Refrigerator literally is one of the best things in my home now. Why did I discover this just now?! Where has this been all my life? 

So if you are a maalagang mom like me and want to make your family happy, make yourself happy, and make the most of your time with the family, choose to serve up freshness every day with the Panasonic Prime Fresh Refrigerator. It truly is the little things that matter. Check out the latest models here. 

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